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Why are the plugins “Billed yearly until cancelled”?

Our plugins come with 1 year free access to support and updates. To be able to get plugin updates and access to our support services, you need to have a valid license at all times.

Like everything else in our life, software we use changes. Bugs get fixed, new features are added, existing features get updated, security issues get discovered.

All of these changes may affect your ability to keep your software in working condition and protect yourself and/or your organization against issues which may cause financial loss. Although you can never totally eliminate risk, you can minimize it by keeping your software updated.

We continuously update and improve our plugins by:

  • Fixing plugin related defects
  • Fixing WordPress related defects
  • Improving and modifying code base to be compatible with existing and future WordPress releases
  • Patching security issues reducing vulnerability space
  • Adding new features and/or improving existing features
  • Improving code efficiency and compatibility with other WordPress plugins and themes

Let's face it, people have more important things to do than keeping track of when a plugin license is going to expire. That's why we offer optional subscription based recurring payments to simplify things for our customers.

Recurring payments get the guess work out of the process and protects your software investment. If you do not want to continue receiving product updates or do not need support and risk it all, you can cancel your subscription anytime. It is totally up to you.

If you decide to unsubscribe or not purchase renewal license after 1 year, you can also keep the plugin as long as you need. As a final note, we always recommend updating your software whether it is WordPress, our plugin or else. Plain and simple.

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