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We’re committed to providing excellent support service when you invest in our products. Our business hours cover Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM US Eastern, excluding major US holidays. Priority support is offered to licensed customers only and requires a valid usage license.

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Expert Support Service FAQ

Priority support is designed to resolve site specific, theme related issues.  Theme related issues are usually caused by  obstructive code, unorthodox markup or CSS code included theme's style sheet.  Please note that themes are usually designed for a specific purpose such as blogging, marketplace(ecommerce) or magazine style publishing although there are multi purpose themes.

All our plugins come their own style sheet which is hardened against possible theme related issues. We also include some tools in plugin settings to resolve specific theme related issues. So take look and try them first. 

If nothing helps and you still see design elements not getting displayed as they are displayed in the plugin's demo site including but not limited to;

  • Unrelated text is getting displayed
  • Font sizes or element colors are not matching the rest of the site
  • Images or text bleeding out of their containers
  • Single, archive or taxonomy pages are not getting displayed properly
  • Nothing is happening when a button clicked
  • Spacing is off between and/or among design elements

.. then you're having theme related issue. Fortunately, theme related issues are easier to identify and resolve and our support team is here to help you out.

Expert support service scope is limited to the tasks identified and priced during the initial hour. If new issues are identified and needed to be resolved, a new project needs to be started but initial support hour purchase is not required.

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Expert support is implemented as mini projects at a fixed price basis. To start up a expert support service project, you need to purchase the initial, non-refundable support hour at the rate advertised in the priority support purchase page. The initial, non-refundable support hour you purchased is used to identify the issue and possible resolutions.

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After we receive your purchase confirmation, one of our solution specialists is tasked to identify and resolve the issue to your satisfaction. 

All expert support requests are implemented as mini projects. After our solution specialist identified issue(s) and possible solutions, she or he comes up with a list of tasks to be completed for issue resolution and a targeted resolution time frame which is used to calculate the resolution cost. You need to purchase the required support hours to start up the project. Please note that in case you do not prefer to go forward with the project, the initial support hour is not refundable.

Your decision to purchase additional hours means you read, understood the project documentation provided, our support policy and are in agreement with us on possible resolution. If the project implementation exceeds the time frame estimated by our solution specialist, you do not get charged for additional hours.

Your time is valuable to us. Please do not forget to include your site's login information as a private comment in the original ticket. It is always a good idea to make yourself available in case we need additional information or access to your site.

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We have a demo site for every Pro or Enterprise  WordPress plugin on our site. Our plugin demo sites always use the latest version of the software and are our benchmark for plugin related issues.

Any issue related to the look and feel and/or functionality of a plugin that can not be reproduced in the plugin's demo site is a site specific issue.

Site specific issues are not covered by our complimentary (Free) support which comes with your purchase. You can access to our complimentary support as long as you have a valid and active license.

There are two categories of site specific issues:

  1. The issues related to third party theme or plugin configuration, WordPress configuration or installation.
  2. The issues related to environment where WordPress resides such as web server, database service, operation system, hosting service configuration.

We offer Expert Service to resolve site specific issues.

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Unfortunately, we do not offer phone support.

In the following cases, paid expert service consultants may give you a call:

  • To communicate a security issue
  • To confirm you are the legitimate account owner
  • To get verbal authorization before an action on your site

All calls are made in U.S. Eastern Standard Time (EST) during business hours. We may choose to record communications.

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