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What’s your refund policy?

Our products work as advertised in the product pages and shown in their corresponding product demo sites. In addition, our company services are offered using our own products. 

There is no reason to get frustrated because you could not figure it out at the first time. It happens and you're not alone. We are here to help. Open a support ticket. It is the easiest way.

Below is the extract of our refund policy from our terms and condition of sale. Click to see all of our Terms and Conditions of Sale.

As we are offering non-tangible digital goods, we do not generally issue refunds after the purchase has been made.

We will be happy to consider a refund within the first 15 days of your purchase in the following terms and conditions:

You MUST MEET ALL OF THE CRITERIA below to be eligible for a refund.

  1. You are within the first 15 days of the purchase of the plugin. No refunds will be granted after the first 15 days of the original purchase whatsoever.
  2. Per our subscription policy, No refunds or credits for Subscription Charges or other fees or payments will be provided to You if You elect to terminate Your subscription to the Service or cancel Your Account prior to the end of Your then effective Subscription Term or after your payment is processed by your bank. You can easily cancel your subscription from My Account page or your Paypal account.
  3. It is your responsibility to read and understand documentation or ask for help from our support service. No refunds can be processed if you lack the ability or willingness to follow instructions or do not have the technical or non-technical knowledge to install or configure our software on your site.
  4. Your issue(s) comes from not being able to install the plugin properly or get the plugin to perform its basic functions.
  5. You must work with the product support team to try to resolve the issues and allow us to perform debugging activities on your site if requested.
  6. Issues caused by 3rd party plugins, themes or other software will not provide grounds for a refund.
  7. No refunds can be processed for WP App Studio API generated plugins at anytime for any reason.

Refunds will be granted at the sole discretion of eMarket Design LLC. By purchasing plugin(s) from our site, you agree to this refund policy and relinquish any rights to subject it to any questions, judgment or legal actions.

Note: If you do not want to continue your subscription, please do not wait until the end of a billing or subscription period to make a cancellation. We cannot refund a subscription payment already processed. Go to My Account simply cancel it. Easy and done.

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