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How can I create a video gallery with paged navigation?

You need to create a shortcode using Visual Shortcode Builder using the following steps:

  1. Tag the videos you want to include in the gallery or use an existing tag
  2. Pick the gallery view you want to use
  3. Create a shortcode using Visual Shortcode Builder limiting videos to the tag set

For example;

[video_wall filter="tax::video_tag::is::front;misc::posts_per_page::is::6;misc::has_pages::is::true;misc::orderby::is::menu_order;"]

The shortcode above creates a video wall gallery with 6 videos per page ordered by menu order (drag and drop the videos to change the order) limiting the videos to be displayed to "front" video tag.

You can see the output of the shortcode above in our demo site.

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