Easy, Fast & Affordable Plugin Customization

Making it right at the first time is not a stroke of luck, it requires an organization dedicated to producing quality results even under pressure.

— Dara Duman, eMarket Design Founder

You can customize our plugins through plugin settings without modifying theme files using WPAS NextGen Customization module.  

Using NextGen Customization, you can:

  • Enable or disable all fields, taxonomies and relationships from backend and/or frontend
  • Set slug of any entity and/or archive base slug.
  • Set slug of all available taxonomies
  • Fully customize any form included in plugin
  • Fully customize any notification emails to users or admins included in plugin
  • Fully customize plugin components such as maps, calendars etc.
  • Set the page template of any entity, taxonomy and/or archive page to sidebar on left, sidebar on right or no sidebar (full width)
  • Hide the previous and next post links on the frontend for single posts
  • Hide the page navigation links on the frontend for archive posts
  • Display or hide any custom field
  • Display any side bar widget on plugin pages using EMD Widget Area
  • Set custom CSS rules for all plugin pages including plugin shortcodes

See what you can do with NextGen Customization (the video shows Software Issue Manager Pro):

If your customization need is more complex than the capabilities of the current versin of NextGen Customization module, read on…

What you can customize

Plugin customization can be done on 3 different areas

  • Look & Feel – changing layout and overall presentation of content
  • Functionality – adding, deleting or modifying existing plugin functionality
  • Strings – changing the field names

Customization Methods

Plugin customization can be implemented by using 4 different methods:

How you can customize

Plugin customization projects can be implemented by:

If you need a new WordPress plugin that needs be developed , please choose Consulting service.

Doing it yourself by modifying files

  • Requires understanding of WordPress templating system and hierarchy
  • Requires knowledge of changing required layout, css, or translation files
  • Requires access to files system where WordPress and plugins are installed
  • Requires maintenance of files
  • All modifications must be done in your theme directory. Changing plugin source code is not allowed and results in cancellation of your support and usage license
  • We do not support customization related issues

Doing it yourself using WP App Studio Platform

  • You own your edition of the plugin design and make the necessary changes as you need
  • You do not need to purchase any plugin. Your custom plugin code will be generated based on the design you modify
  • Requires familiarity with WPAS WordPress Plugin Development concepts. Although it is not rocket science to get started, depending on your experience using a Pro level tool, you should expect a learning curve.
  • May need to know how to code in HTML, JavaScript and in some cases PHP
  • Requires commitment to maintenance of your edition of the plugin.
  • Requires initial investment of;

eMarket Design WordPress Web App Services

We offer globally unique development services for WordPress based business apps. What’s our secret sauce?

— We use WP App Studio Professional WordPress Platform (WPAS) to develop, customize and maintain our products. WPAS based apps are designed by humans and implemented by a collection of development servers which produce continuously improved, standards-compliant, production ready code every single time.

  • Lightspeed Time to Market: Using WPAS platform allows us to finish project significantly faster than traditional development service organizations that are dependent on manual production of app code.
  • More features: Most modern plugin features are auto-generated by the platform, once a feature is developed, it can be used by every WPAS plugin. In most cases, you get new features without investing more from your budget.
  • Less defects: WPAS platform generated plugins are used by tens of thousands users around the world and very well tested. In most cases, defects are found and fixed before even you know they existed.
  • Continuously improved code base: WPAS platform code is continuously improved by a team of WordPress expert developers, completely eliminating developer availability, skillset or coding style related issues.
  • Design first approach to development:WPAS generated code base is 100% traceable to the plugin design hence to your own requirements – one of the key indicators of software quality. Nothing more, nothing less.

Do you want to start up a new project or need customization/maintenance of one of our products?

Let’s get started

For more information go to WordPress App Services page.