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WP Easy Events Professional WordPress Plugin Changelog

Plugin Meta

AuthoreMarket Design
Publish Date2016-10-18
Last Updated2017-12-20
Demo Site
Plugin Page
Plugin Customization
= 2.1.0=
FIXED Multiple RSVP form display issue on venue, organizer and performer pages
TWEAK Updated libraries
TWEAK Added PHP backward compatibility
FIXED license activation warnings
NEW Permission settings to expand the scope of built-in users roles
NEW Added container type field in the plugin settings
NEW Custom JS and CSS fields in the settings
TWEAK PHP7 compatibility
FIXED Events expired not displayed correctly
TWEAK Event calendar library updated with language support
TWEAK Misc Fixes and improvements
NEW Add custom fields to RSVP form
FIXED WP Sessions security vulnerability
FIXED Some of event attributes not getting saved or updated
TWEAK Improved page loading in the admin area
FIXED the order of Venues and content in event page, moving the venue section below event content
FIXED Event images not displaying on tickets
NEW Ability to send tickets to attendees by entering in the admin area or in bulk using CSV import/export component
FIXED organizer, venue and performer rating menu not showing
NEW getting started page to offer tips and more
TWEAK made slider controls larger
FIXED section subbody text not properly displayed issue
NEW Added ability to use EMD or theme templating system
NEW Ability to set page template for event, venue, organizer pages. Options are sidebar on left, sidebar on right or full width
NEW EMD Widget area to include sidebar widgets in plugin pages
NEW Ability enable/disable any field and taxonomy from backend and/or frontend
NEW Ability to add custom CSS in plugin's frontend pages
NEW Ability to limit event forms to logged-in users only from plugin settings.
FIXED Timezone label not being displayed properly issue and made timezones searchable in the admin area
FIXED Venue event tag views not displayed correctly
TWEAKInitial release
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