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Employee Directory Professional WordPress Plugin Changelog

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AuthoreMarket Design
Publish Date2015-08-07
Last Updated2018-02-26
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FIXED Sorting of birthdays and anniversaries for this week widget resulting from the dates spanning multiple months.
FIXED Bio field not displaying its content when there are special characters.
TWEAK The birthdays of the current month will be displayed starting from the current date.
TWEAK The recent employee widget sorting for better compatibility.
FIXED Minor fix on employee photo not displaying proportionately in some views
FIXED Misc. template issues related to frontend editing functionality
TWEAK Enabled local loading of Font Awesome Web font
FIXED this week birthdays and anniversaries widgets for the weeks spanning two months
NEW Added a widget which displays employees celebrating birthdays in the current month
NEW Added a widget which displays a random employee every time it is loaded
NEW Added department field in all widgets
TWEAK Recent employee widget was displaying new hires of the current month. Now it is all new hires sorted by their hire dates, starting from the latest at top
FIXED Custom fields not getting displayed in the details tab of employee profiles
NEW Added a field to display an employee's manager's manager/supervisor in the button dropdown
TWEAK Update this week birthday and anniversary widgets to count employees starting from the current date instead of the beginning of the current week
TWEAK The current week starting from Monday to Sunday - changed from Sunday to Sunday
TWEAK Changed the layout of the alphabetical search view to make it display better in pages with sidebars
FIXED Circle grid not displaying properly issue.
FIXED wp_mail function conflicts with postman installed systems
FIXED Minor fixes and improvements on front-end editing functionality.
NEW Users belonging to employee or employee manager roles will be able to edit event or profile pages from the frontend after they logged in
NEW Administrators will be able to set which employee or event fields can be edited or accessed from the frontend and/or WordPress dashboard for employee and employee manager roles.
TWEAK This week's birthdays widget will show the current week's upcoming birthdays including the current date.
TWEAK This week's anniversaries widget will show the current week's upcoming anniversaries including the current date.
NEW Administrators will be able to display or hide the event or employee fields of their choosing to non logged-in users
FIXED Employee Tag Search displaying all terms instead of distinct values issue
FIXED Recent Employees widget display has been changed to be based on the month and year of the hire date
NEW Alphabetical search for employees based on employee names
NEW Alphabetical search for employees based on department names
NEW Alphabetical search for employee based on job titles
NEW Ability to limit max size and file types of employee photos
FIXED Minor CSS issues with the employee related views
FIXED Taxonomy based organizational charts not returning correctly
NEW Anniversary view which you can display on the frontend using its shortcode
TWEAK Improved performance on drawing large organization charts.
NEW Added weekly and monthly employee anniversary sidebar widgets
NEW Added anniversary ribbons changing colors based on the number of years of employee service
NEW Added new hire notification which is triggered when a new employee added to the directory
TWEAK Added PHP backward compatibility
FIXED license activation warnings
FIXED Search tags not having enough space
FIXED issues related to sidebar not properly displayed in mobile devices
FIXED recent events widget not properly displayed in mobile devices
FIXED Tag cloud search leaving space for employees not matching the criteria
FIXED Tag cloud displaying employee count without any terms associated with it
TWEAK all widgets images and standardized look and feel
FIXED Missing taxonomy views for Genders, Marital Statuses and Employment types
NEW Tag Cloud search view with powerful options
NEW Permissions tab in setting to expand the scope of built-in user roles
FIXED Events in the event calendar not getting displayed when a logged in user is the author
REMOVED Responsive fonts from pages
TWEAK CSS to better serve to some mobile device screens
NEW Added custom JavaScript option in plugin settings under Tools tab
FIXED WP Sessions security vulnerability
FIXED Removed Org Chart manager to direct report limit to 10 employees
FIXED Custom fields in search forms
FIXED image events not displayed in single, archive and taxonomy pages
NEW Added event image and venue to the recent events widget
NEW Stacked view for company events
NEW Added Phone Extensions to search forms
NEW Configured to work with EMD Active Directory/LDAP extension
NEW Added ability change the title of the supervising employee. For example, Manager, Supervisor, Lead etc. The default is set to Manager
NEW Organization charts support vertical display. The vertical display can start from a level set in the org char shortcode
FIXED Visual Shortcode Builder library setting binary parameter issue
REMOVED Employee manager title option in plugin settings is not necessary anymore since it can be set per employee.
FIXED Google Map service not working with http connections issue by providing an area to enter Google Map API key in the plugin settings
FIXED Dates are not getting displayed properly issue in the event edit page in the admin area
NEW Added Custom CSS rule area which can be used to add arbitrary CSS to all plugin pages including shortcodes
FIXED single select taxonomies getting displayed as multi select after 4.0.0 release
TWEAK modified header and footer templates for single, archive and taxonomy pages to support new NexGen templating system
NEW Added ability to set the page templates for single, archive and every taxonomy related to Employees (left sidebar, right sidebar and full width) without modifying the theme files through plugin settings page
NEW Added ability to hide the previous and next post links and page navigation on the frontend for single, archive and taxonomy pages
NEW Added ability to enable, disable or simple hide every available visible field, taxonomy and relationship from frontend
NEW Added ability to display login and/or registration forms on the frontend per form basis, if a form's access needs to be limited to registered users only.
NEW Added Tools tab in settings page with options to install missing shortcodes (pages), deleting data and settings
NEW Added show/hide form button on search forms
NEW Added ability to set the order of subordinate employees in org charts based on the order in the employee list screen where it can be changed by drag and drop.
FIXED misc issues
NEW Configured to work with EMD VCard extension
NEW Added ability to set taxonomy base slugs from settings
NEW Added ability to send email notifications to employees and their managers when an employee profile is added or updated
NEW Added ability to send event update or addition notifications to employees
NEW Added ability to enable/disable Bootstrap CSS and JS file loading
FIXED selected records not being exported issue in employee list data grid
NEW Added ability to customize plugin layout files thorugh emd_templates folder in your theme directory
FIXED search form dropdown fields getting out of the container for Firefox browser
TWEAKChanged organization chart library to support intranets with no internet accesibility
NEW Drill across and down in organization hierarchy using arrows
NEW Added ability to enable/disable org chart tooltips which show when hover on each employee
TWEAKImproved look and feel off orgcharts , added ability to color code org chart sections such as departments or groups
FIXED misc minor issues.
FIXED employee email missing issue and added antispam protection for email adress
TWEAKChanged direct reports relationships in the employee relationships from dropdown to exportable grid
NEW Added BEGINS, ENDS, WORD search operators in forms
TWEAKImproved compatibility with other plugins
FIXED misc minor issues.
FIXED employee circle grid Ajax page navigation not working
FIXED Direct report collapse title not getting displayed
FIXED multiple event photos are getting displayed archive and taxonomy pages
FIXED search operators not getting aligned in advanced search forms
TWEAKAdded ability to create and display custom fields in employee pages
TWEAKAdded ability to create and display custom fields in event pages
TWEAKAdded ability to enable employee custom fields in search forms
FIXED orphan node not displaying properly in organization charts
TWEAKAdded ability to drill down organization chart data through a level set in a shortcode
TWEAKEnabled comments for each employee page
TWEAKAdded ability change labels of Job Title and Manager fields on the front end
TWEAKAdded ability enable/disable emp number, extension columns in the employee list view
TWEAKAdded ability show/hide employee photo in the org chart view
TWEAKAdded ability enable/disable job title link in the org chart view
FIXED the issue related to posts not getting displayed for visitors when the plugin is enabled
TWEAKEnabled auto browser scroll for large org charts by default
TWEAKAdded row count in the employee list table footer
FIXED issue related to events not getting displayed to visitors
FIXED employees and events not getting displayed in author and search archives
FIXED the image slider not working in event groups and locations
FIXED the issue of the browser returning to the top of the page when the search operator clicked
NEW Added recent events sidebar widget
NEW Ability create private(registered users only) or public events
TWEAKUpdated operations module using Google Sheets CSV format
TWEAKMisc. bug fixes and library updates
FIXED phone number in org chart overlay
NEW Added employee relationship data import from CSV
TWEAKAdded ability to put in multiple org. charts on the same page; handy for large organizations.
TWEAKMisc. bug fixes and library updates
TWEAKEnabled Ajax page navigation for all views
TWEAKCreated advanced search form without operators
TWEAKCreated mini search form widget without operators
FIXED an issue related to manager relationship records not fully displayed
TWEAKAdded WP Author import feature from CSV files.
FIXED minor issues
TWEAKChanged Direct Report title to employee full name from employee number
TWEAKAdded ability to hide event map icon in the company event page
TWEAKAdded ability to hide employee address map icon in the employee profile page
TWEAKAdded Gender, Marital Status, and Employment Type taxonomies to Employee View
TWEAKAdded Gender, Marital Status, and Employment Type taxonomies to Advanced Search View
TWEAKChanged single employee profile image to circle matching rest of the plugin views
TWEAKChanged Direct Reports section in employee profiles to conditional. It can enabled/disabled from plugin settings
TWEAKChanged the default search operator to "like", previously it was "equal-to"
TWEAKConsolidated all company event details under Details section
FIXED Birthday showing the full date on the frontend
TWEAKMade improvements on the visual import from CSV files
TWEAKImproved responsive text font sizes
TWEAKRemove tooltips from operators in forms
FIXED visual import bug related title attributes
TWEAKEmployees can edit their own pages and visitors can access to all employee views
NEW Added employee events entity to showcase company, group, or location events. Each event is displayed in its own page.
NEW Linked events to employee through location and group taxonomies
NEW Added Company event calendar
TWEAKMoved all maps to on-demand modal
NEW Created employee user role so that employees can modify their own pages
FIXED navigation css issue
NEW Added ability to create multiple organization charts based on taxonomies
TWEAKModified the circle grid view to display order of employees based on user selection
FIXED WordPress 4.3 version related issues
NEW Added circle grid view to display employees
TWEAKInitial release
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