No Tech Skills Needed! Easily manage videos with Video Manager role

Empower non-technical users with the Video Manager role to do more within the YouTube Showcase WordPress plugin, enabling effortless expansion of their capabilities through intuitive plugin settings.

Tailor the Plugin to Your Specific Needs, Empowering Your Video Managers

The YouTube Showcase WordPress plugin introduces the Video Manager role, a user role specifically designed to manage all activities related to your YouTube videos.

This role is equipped with capabilities that allow individuals to create and update video content seamlessly. The scope of activities for Video Managers can be expanded or customized based on your specific needs, providing flexibility in managing video-related tasks.

 Here are the key features related to the Video Manager role:

Key Features:

  1. Video Manager Role:

    • YouTube Showcase introduces the Video Manager role, a dedicated user role focused on managing all aspects of YouTube videos on your WordPress site.
  2. Capabilities Customization:

    • The plugin settings offer the ability to customize and expand the capabilities of the Video Manager role. Users with the Video Manager role can be granted additional permissions to perform various tasks beyond video management.
  3. Scope Expansion:

    • Expand the scope of what Video Managers can do on your site by clicking on specific capabilities within the plugin settings. This feature enables you to tailor the role to meet your unique requirements.
  4. Example Use Case:

    • For instance, if you want Video Managers to contribute to other site activities, such as publishing or updating posts or pages, or assisting with site administration tasks like updating user profiles, you can easily adjust the capabilities accordingly.
  5. Efficient Multi-Tasking:

    • The Video Manager role empowers individuals to perform multiple tasks without the need to log in as a different WordPress user. This streamlines workflows and enhances efficiency for users responsible for video content management.

Implementation Steps:

  1. Access Plugin Settings:

    • Navigate to the YouTube Showcase plugin settings in the WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Video Manager Role Configuration:

    • Locate the section related to user roles and permissions, specifically focusing on the Video Manager role.
  3. Capabilities Customization:

    • Within the settings, identify the capabilities associated with the Video Manager role. These capabilities determine the actions and tasks that Video Managers can perform.
  4. Expand Role Scope:

    • Click on the capabilities you want to grant to Video Managers to expand their scope beyond basic video management activities.
  5. Save Changes:

    • Save the changes to apply the customized capabilities to the Video Manager role.
  6. Verify Scope Expansion:

    • Verify that Video Managers now have the expanded capabilities, allowing them to perform additional tasks based on your configuration.


  • Dedicated Video Management Role: The Video Manager role is designed specifically for individuals responsible for managing YouTube videos on your WordPress site.

  • Customizable Capabilities: Plugin settings allow you to customize and expand the capabilities associated with the Video Manager role.

  • Tailored Role Scope: Adjust the role's scope based on your specific needs, granting Video Managers the ability to contribute to various site activities.

  • Efficient Multi-Tasking: Video Managers can efficiently perform multiple tasks without the need to switch to different user roles, enhancing overall workflow efficiency.

By leveraging the Video Manager role and its customizable capabilities within the YouTube Showcase plugin settings, you can empower individuals to efficiently manage video content while providing flexibility in their role on your WordPress site.

Non-Tech Friendly Video Management

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