Create visually stunning custom video galleries effortlessly

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Build, Customize, and Personalize Your Video Galleries Using Visual Shortcode Builder

The Visual Shortcode Builder in the YouTube Showcase WordPress plugin empowers you to create and customize unique video galleries effortlessly. Here's how you can use the Visual Shortcode Builder to display your set of videos with any video gallery:

Steps to Create Video Galleries Using Visual Shortcode Builder:

  1. Access Visual Shortcode Builder:

    • Navigate to the plugin settings or a designated page where the Visual Shortcode Builder is available.
  2. Open or Create a Gallery:

    • If you have existing galleries, you can open them for editing. Otherwise, create a new gallery using the builder.
  3. Add Videos to the Gallery:

    • Within the builder, you should have options to add videos to your gallery. This  involves selecting videos from your YouTube channel or playlist.
  4. Configure Gallery Settings:

    • Customize the appearance and behavior of your video gallery using available parameters.
  5. Preview the Gallery:

    • Copy and paste your draft shortcode to a WordPress page to visualize how your gallery will look on the frontend. 
  6. Copy the Shortcode:

    • Copy the generated shortcode. This shortcode is a condensed representation of your video gallery configuration.
  7. Insert Shortcode into Content:

    • Go to the page or post where you want to display the video gallery. Paste the copied shortcode at the desired location within your content.
  8. Repeat for Multiple Galleries:

    • If you want to display multiple galleries on the same page, repeat the process. Create additional galleries using the Visual Shortcode Builder and insert their respective shortcodes.
  9. Preview the Page:

    • Preview the page to see how your video galleries are displayed. Ensure that they appear as intended and that users can interact with the videos.

Benefits of Using Multiple Shortcodes:

  • Versatility: You can showcase different sets of videos or organize them based on themes by using multiple shortcodes for various galleries.

  • Customization: Each shortcode can represent a unique configuration of the gallery, allowing you to tailor the display for different purposes.

  • Granular Control: By utilizing multiple shortcodes, you have granular control over the placement and arrangement of video galleries on your pages or posts.

  • Enhanced User Experience: Providing diverse video content through multiple galleries enhances the user experience and encourages exploration.

Responsive Design Consideration:

Ensure that the video galleries created with the Visual Shortcode Builder are responsive, adapting seamlessly to various devices and screen sizes.

By using the Visual Shortcode Builder effectively, you can create an engaging and visually appealing presentation of your videos on your WordPress site.

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