Agent Excellence: WP Ticket Unveils Individual Dashboards for Superior Support

WP Ticket goes beyond typical help desk software by offering a unique feature that allows you not only to highlight your support team but also to include individual agent-specific dashboards for comprehensive customer support metric tracking. This innovative approach enables you to showcase the skills and expertise of each support team member through visually appealing agent profile pages. By putting a spotlight on your agents and providing dedicated dashboards, WP Ticket helps build trust in your business, emphasizing transparency and professionalism in customer support. Elevate your customer service experience by highlighting the strengths of your support team with WP Ticket.

Spotlight Agent Expertise With Engaging Profiles, Fostering Customer Confidence and Personalized Support

Help Desk Agent Profile Pages in WP Ticket serve as a comprehensive resource, providing insights into each support team member. Key features and functionalities of these profile pages include:

  1. Profile Information:

    • Displays essential details such as name, photo, and contact information of the support agent.
    • Ensures a cohesive representation of the entire support team.
  2. WordPress User Link:

    • Agents are linked to a WordPress user with a designated custom role (agent or manager).
    • Facilitates seamless integration with the WordPress user management system.
  3. Field Customization:

    • Enables the customization of fields by enabling or disabling specific ones.
    • Adjusts field visibility based on preferences, allowing selective information display.
  4. Integration with EMD Custom Field Builder:

    • Integration with EMD Custom Field Builder extends the ability to include organization-specific details on the Details tab.
    • Offers flexibility in adding additional information about help desk agents.
  5. Agent Dashboard:

    • Each help desk agent page incorporates an Agent Dashboard.
    • Features specific metrics and charts related to the agent's workload and performance.
  6. Metric Measurement:

    • Metrics on the Agent Dashboard can be measured within a specified time period.
    • Allows customization based on the desired timeframe, enhancing flexibility in performance assessment.

Help Desk Agent Profile Pages aim to foster a sense of community within the support team, facilitating better collaboration and understanding of each team member's skill set and contributions.

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