Streamline Customer Support with Scheduled Task Automation

WP Ticket empowers you to save time and enhance efficiency by automating repetitive tasks on a predefined schedule. This feature allows your support team to focus on solving customer problems, as WP Ticket takes care of routine and common tasks automatically.

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WP Ticket's integration with EMD Scheduler, a time-triggered automation system (available in the Enterprise edition), provides advanced capabilities for managing support tickets and automating various processes within the customer support system. Here are some key features and use cases of the integrated EMD Scheduler:

  1. Automated Scanning and Conditions:

    • EMD Scheduler scans support tickets and agent records every 5 minutes, checking predefined conditions during a specified time period.
  2. Effective SLA Management:

    • The integrated scheduler enables effective management of Support Level Agreements (SLAs), ensuring that tickets are handled within specified timeframes.
  3. Alerts and Notifications:

    • Configure schedulers to automatically alert specific agents or departments when certain conditions are met, such as an unassigned ticket for a defined number of hours.
  4. Escalation of Priority Tickets:

    • Automatically escalate the priority of support tickets, especially those tagged as "VIP," if they remain unresolved after a certain number of hours.
  5. Supervisor Notifications:

    • Notify supervisors or designated personnel if a support ticket remains unresolved for a specified number of days, ensuring timely attention to critical issues.
  6. Customer Response Monitoring:

    • Notify the assigned agent when a ticket is updated by a customer after a certain number of hours, facilitating prompt responses and customer engagement.
  7. Automatic Ticket Closure:

    • Set up schedulers to automatically close tickets if there is no response from a customer within a designated number of days, streamlining ticket resolution processes.
  8. Flexible and Complex Use Cases:

    • EMD Schedulers support a range of use cases, from simple to complex. The built-in SQL mode allows checking SQL-based conditions and executing various actions, such as sending emails or updating other databases.
  9. Customized Actions:

    • Define custom actions based on the conditions specified in the scheduler configuration. This flexibility allows tailoring automation to meet the unique requirements of the customer support workflow.
  10. Time-Based Automations:

    • By automating time-consuming tasks, the EMD Scheduler frees up the help desk team to focus on solving customer support issues and delivering efficient service.

The integration of EMD Scheduler with WP Ticket's customer support system enhances operational efficiency, ensures timely responses, and supports a proactive approach to managing support workflows.

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