Streamline Support by Linking Similar Tickets for Efficient Resolution

Dealing with recurring issues? WP Ticket has you covered by addressing the common scenario where customers tend to create the same ticket multiple times. This intuitive feature allows you to associate these tickets with each other, aiding your agents in recognizing patterns and resolving issues more efficiently. WP Ticket's ability to link similar support tickets as related items not only reduces redundancy but also enhances your support team's productivity by providing a comprehensive view of the customer's history and facilitating quicker, more informed resolutions.

Link Similar Support Tickets to Each Other as Related Tickets.

WP Ticket Enterprise introduces a robust ticket relationship management feature, allowing users to classify the relation of one ticket to another through various types:

  1. Parent Ticket:

    • Used for tickets that need to be resolved before any child ticket can be resolved.
  2. Child Ticket:

    • Used for tickets whose resolutions are dependent on the parent ticket(s)' resolution.
  3. Duplicate Ticket:

    • Used for tickets whose content is the same as the connected ticket(s).

WP Ticket Enterprise's ticket relationship feature improves the management of interconnected support tickets.

When tickets are linked, a "Related Tickets" tab appears on the ticket page. This allows users, including customers and the support team, to easily export, sort, and search related tickets on both the frontend and WordPress Dashboard. 

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