Stay Updated: Instant Notifications for Customers and Agents

Never miss a beat with WP Ticket's robust notification system! Keep your entire support ecosystem informed and in control. Agents receive instant alerts about new tickets, customer replies, and assigned tasks, ensuring prompt action on critical issues. Customers stay apprised of progress updates and resolution notifications, fostering a sense of transparency and trust. Even you can be notified of important milestones or priority escalations, allowing you to maintain a pulse on your support operations. Empower your team, keep customers informed, and streamline communication with WP Ticket's comprehensive notification features.

Empower Your Team to Anticipate Customer Needs and Respond Quickly With Timely Notifications for Agents and Customers

WP Ticket provides various notifications to keep customers and staff members informed about the status and updates of support tickets. Here are the key notifications provided:

  1. New Support Ticket Added:

    • Sends a notification to the customer and administrator when a new support ticket is submitted.
  2. New Ticket Assigned:

    • Sends a notification to the staff member when a new ticket is assigned to them by a manager.
  3. New Ticket Comment:

    • Sends notifications to the customer or assignee when a new comment is added or changed. (Available in Pro and Enterprise versions)
  4. Ticket Change:

    • Sends a notification to the customer when a submitted ticket undergoes updates, such as changes in priority or status. (Available in Pro and Enterprise versions)

Key Features:

  • Notifications are designed to build customer relationships with personalized content.
  • Full customization of notification emails is available, allowing the inclusion of support ticket data submitted.
  • Users have the option to turn on or off specific notification emails based on their preferences.
  • The ability to set Cc, Bcc, and Reply-to fields in notification emails provides flexibility in managing email communications.

By providing these notifications, WP Ticket ensures that both customers and staff members stay informed about the progress and changes related to support tickets, fostering effective communication and customer engagement.

Upgrade to Wp Ticket Pro & Unlock Powerful Communication Features!

Keep customers informed & build trust with WP Ticket's transparent notifications.

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