Discover the benefits of using a ticketing system over a shared inbox

Ditch the email shuffle and fragmented communication! WP Ticket streamlines your support operations with a unified team inbox. Imagine a central hub where all incoming tickets, regardless of channel – email, website form, or social media – seamlessly converge. This shared workspace empowers your agents to collaboratively manage and prioritize tickets, eliminating the need to switch between multiple inboxes. WP Ticket fosters a collaborative environment, boosting overall productivity and ensuring no customer inquiry gets lost in the shuffle.

Leverage Collective Knowledge and Expertise to Solve Helpdesk Issues Swiftly

WP Ticket's customer support system serves as a centralized hub for managing all customer interactions across various channels, including helpdesk request forms, email, phone, live chat, and social media.

The platform employs a collaborative model for handling support tickets, emphasizing shared ownership and efficient collaboration among helpdesk agents. Key features of this collaborative approach include:

  1. Ownership Assignment Model:

    • Support tickets follow a responsibility assignment model, where each ticket can have an assignee and multiple contributors. The assignee is the primary agent responsible for resolving the ticket to the customer's satisfaction.
  2. Assignee and Contributors:

    • The assignee collaborates with other team members by including them as contributors in the ticket resolution process. This fosters teamwork and ensures that multiple agents can work together on a complex ticket.
  3. Private Comments:

    • Helpdesk agents can share ticket details with other agents through private comments, facilitating internal communication to handle tickets more efficiently. The EMD Commenting System is utilized for this purpose.
  4. Agent Collision Detection:

    • Automatic collision detection is integrated into the team inbox. If one agent is actively working on a support ticket and another attempts to edit the same ticket simultaneously, an alert is triggered. This warning informs the second agent that someone else is already editing the ticket, preventing conflicts and ensuring smooth collaboration.

By providing a unified platform and robust collaboration features, WP Ticket streamlines the customer support process. Agents can seamlessly coordinate efforts, share insights, and work together to deliver prompt and effective solutions to customer queries and issues. The platform's collision detection feature further enhances collaboration by preventing conflicts during concurrent ticket edits.

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