Effortless Email Integration with Wp Ticket Incoming Email Addon

Experience seamless ticket management with WP Ticket's Incoming Email Addon, designed to automatically convert incoming customer support emails into support tickets. By consolidating everything into one centralized location, this addon streamlines operations, enhancing productivity and reducing customer response time.

Convert Customer Support Emails Into Tickets, Streamlining Your Workflow and Boosting Efficiency

WP Ticket offers an efficient email-to-ticket conversion feature, automating the transformation of user emails into customer support tickets. Here are the key functionalities of this feature:

  1. Automatic Conversion:

    • User emails are automatically converted into support tickets, streamlining the process of capturing customer queries.
  2. File Attachment Processing:

    • The system is equipped to process file attachments that come with the incoming emails.
  3. Spam Protection and Authorization:

    • Robust measures are in place to protect against spam and unauthorized ticket creation.
    • Email pins, authorized addresses, and banned file names contribute to ensuring the authenticity of the tickets.
  4. Email Protocols:

    • Supports both IMAP and POP3 protocols, with or without SSL/TLS encryption.
  5. Scheduled Email Retrieval:

    • Set intervals for the system to pull emails, allowing for regular and timely processing.
  6. Email Deletion Options:

    • Flexibility to choose whether to retain or delete emails after converting them into tickets.
  7. User Submission Control:

    • Option to allow submissions from visitors, site users, or both, providing customization based on your requirements.
  8. Default Subject Handling:

    • Set a default subject for emails that arrive without any subject line.
  9. Ticket Post Status Configuration:

    • Customize the post status for tickets created by site users and visitors separately.
  10. Shortcodes for Categorization:

    • Use shortcodes to categorize emails or set specific values, adding a layer of organization to the ticketing system.
  11. Activity History Recording:

    • Keep a record of email processing activities, including errors and validations, for better monitoring and troubleshooting.

The email-to-ticket conversion feature enhances the automation of ticket creation, making it seamless and efficient for both users and support agents.

Don't Let Email Overload Slow You Down!

Try WP Ticket's Incoming Email Addon today and experience the efficiency and productivity gains firsthand.

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