Expand Support Agent Capabilities with Just a Few Clicks

WP Ticket simplifies the process of broadening the scope of actions available to your support agents upon login. With just a few clicks in the plugin settings, you can effortlessly enhance and expand the capabilities of your support team. WP Ticket's user-friendly interface ensures that configuring and extending support agent functionalities is a seamless experience, enabling you to tailor the plugin settings to match the evolving needs of your organization. Empower your support agents with greater flexibility and efficiency through WP Ticket's easy-to-use customization options.

Grant Agents the Specific Permissions and Tools They Need to Excel

User roles play a crucial role in defining the actions and permissions of users on your site. WP Ticket provides built-in plugin user roles, each serving a specific function:

  1. Manager:

    • This role is designed for managerial responsibilities within the WP Ticket system.
  2. Agent:

    • Agents are support personnel responsible for handling tickets and providing assistance.
  3. Shop Manager:

    • Specifically available when using WooCommerce and EDD addons, this role facilitates e-commerce-related activities.

The flexibility of user roles is a key feature of WP Ticket, allowing you to tailor the scope of actions for support agents and managers based on your site's needs. By expanding the capabilities of these roles through plugin settings, you can empower your team to perform various tasks without the need to switch between different user accounts.

For example, if you want support agents or managers to handle additional responsibilities such as publishing posts or assisting with e-commerce activities, you can selectively click on the capabilities you wish to include. This expanded scope of capabilities enables support agents to seamlessly perform diverse tasks within the WP Ticket environment without the need to log in as another WordPress user.

In essence, WP Ticket's user roles and capabilities feature enhances the integration of unrelated applications, allowing your team to efficiently manage various tasks within a unified user role framework.

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