Flexible Organization of Support Staff Across Multiple Departments

WP Ticket facilitates efficient support management by allowing the organization of support staff into one-to-many departments. These departments can be structured based on various criteria such as specialty, location, product, or service, providing a flexible approach to align with your organizational needs.

Tailor Your Support Structure to Perfectly Match Your Business With Unlimited Department Creation

In WP Ticket, a helpdesk department serves as an organizational unit, allowing you to structure your support teams based on products, services, geography, or specific teams.

The flexibility of creating unlimited departments empowers you to tailor your customer support process for each unit independently. Here's how WP Ticket handles helpdesk departments:

  1. Creation of Departments:

    • Unlimited helpdesk departments can be created to suit your organizational structure.
    • Each department can be uniquely customized with its own set of agents, automation rules, service agreements, business hours, etc.
  2. Ticket Assignment:

    • Tickets can be automatically assigned to a department through workflow rules or manually by supervisors or agents.
    • Assigning tickets to departments, rather than specific agents, ensures effective communication within the entire department.
  3. Agent Assignment:

    • Agents can be assigned to one or multiple departments, providing flexibility in structuring your support teams.
    • All helpdesk agents must belong to at least one department.
  4. Department Email Notifications:

    • WP Ticket Enterprise and Pro editions offer fully customizable department notification emails.
    • When a new ticket is assigned to a department, notifications are sent to the catch-all department email, informing all team members belonging to that department.
    • Department notifications can be toggled on and off as needed.
  5. Reporting on Department Performance:

    • Dedicated pages are automatically created for each helpdesk department.
    • Department pages include a dashboard with useful metrics and data grid views for helpdesk agents and support tickets assigned to that department.
    • These reporting features enable a comprehensive analysis of departmental performance.

The departmental structure in WP Ticket provides a robust framework for organizing and optimizing customer support processes, facilitating efficient ticket handling and response times.

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Organize your support team for success: Create departments based on your needs.

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