Facilitate Team-Based Resolution for Faster Ticket Resolution

WP Ticket introduces a collaborative approach to support ticket resolution by enabling the assignment of tickets to multiple contributor support agents. This feature encourages team-based collaboration, allowing support agents to seek assistance from other team members to expedite ticket resolution.

Collaborate Seamlessly With Peers and Tap Into Your Team's Knowledge Pool

In WP Ticket, the assignment of each support ticket is managed through the assignee and contributor roles. Here's how these roles function:

1. Assignee:

  • The assignee is the primary support agent responsible for the resolution of a specific ticket.
  • Each support ticket is assigned to at most one assignee.
  • The assignee takes on the main role of overseeing and resolving the ticket's issues.

2. Contributors:

  • Contributors are additional support agents who are not the primary assignee but can provide input and assistance.
  • They play a supporting role by contributing their expertise or insights to help with the resolution.
  • Contributors may be invited to participate in resolving complex issues that require multi-department involvement.
  • While contributors do not have the primary responsibility for the final resolution, their input can be valuable in the process.

By utilizing the assignee and contributor roles, WP Ticket allows for a collaborative approach to ticket resolution. Assignees focus on the main responsibility of resolving the ticket, while contributors bring in their expertise when needed. This structure ensures effective teamwork and coordination in handling support tickets, especially in cases where multiple departments may be involved in finding solutions.

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