Empower Field-Level Permissions for Controlled Helpdesk Access

WP Ticket prioritizes security in customer support by offering the capability to set field-level permissions based on user roles. This feature ensures a secure helpdesk system by allowing you to control access rights to help desk fields.

Streamline Workflows by Defining Clear Access Controls for Sensitive or Role-Specific Information

Ensuring robust data security is paramount for any customer support system, especially when dealing with sensitive information. With the WP Ticket customer support system, you gain the capability to implement stringent access controls for specific fields, safeguarding confidential business or customer data effectively.

Key Features of Field-Based Access Control:

  1. Access Restriction:

    • Easily restrict access to specific fields with just a few clicks.
    • For instance, if a support ticket contains sensitive information like bank account details or identification numbers, you can hide these fields for specific user roles.
  2. Read-Only Access:

    • Provide read-only access to certain fields that you wish to be viewable but not editable.
    • This feature enhances control over critical data, ensuring that only authorized personnel can make modifications.
  3. Comprehensive Control:

    • Apply field-based access options not only to default fields but also to any custom field or taxonomy created using EMD Custom Field Builder.
    • This flexibility allows you to tailor access controls according to your specific data security requirements.
  4. Frontend and Dashboard Integration:

    • Access restrictions are seamlessly applied both in the frontend and WordPress dashboard editor.
    • This dual-layer protection ensures that unauthorized users are barred from accessing sensitive fields across all user interfaces.

Implementing field-based access control with WP Ticket empowers you to fortify your helpdesk against unauthorized access, providing a secure environment for handling and managing sensitive information.

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