Elevate User Engagement with WP Ticket: Subscribers Can Manage Support Tickets in WordPress Dashboard

WP Ticket facilitates seamless customer interaction by granting those with a subscriber WordPress user role access to their respective tickets directly from the WordPress Dashboard upon logging in. This feature empowers customers, enabling them to effortlessly view and submit customer support tickets within the familiar environment of the WordPress dashboard, streamlining the support process and enhancing user experience.

Enable Customers to Access and Submit Their Support Tickets Seamlessly Through the Wordpress Dashboard

The customer support client area is a dedicated space visible to all logged-in users with a subscriber WordPress user role. This area can be integrated into either the WordPress dashboard or displayed on the front end of the website.

Key features of the WP Ticket Support System client area include:

  1. Access to Self-Authored Tickets:

    • Logged-in customers can access and view the tickets they have authored.
  2. Publish New Tickets from Admin Backend:

    • Users have the ability to create and submit new support tickets directly from the WordPress admin backend.
  3. View Self-Authored Ticket List at Frontend:

    • Customers can conveniently view a list of tickets they have authored directly on the frontend of the website.
  4. Filter Self-Authored Tickets at Admin Backend:

    • Within the WordPress admin backend, users can utilize filters to sort and manage their self-authored tickets efficiently.
  5. Add Ticket Comments for Self-Authored Tickets from Admin Backend:

    • Customers have the option to add comments to their self-authored tickets directly from the admin backend, facilitating easy communication.
  6. Private Ticket Submit and Search Forms for Subscribers Only:

    • Subscribers, or users with the appropriate role, have access to private ticket submission and search forms. This ensures that these features are exclusive to subscribed users.

By providing a customer support client area, WP Ticket Support System enhances the user experience by offering a centralized hub for managing and interacting with support tickets. Users can effortlessly navigate their tickets, submit new queries, and engage in streamlined communication within the dedicated client area.

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