Real-Time Insights: Track & Analyze Your Events Like a Pro with WP Easy Events

Gain Valuable Insights: WP Easy Events goes beyond event creation. Track and analyze key metrics in real-time, allowing you to gain valuable insights into event performance. Generate custom reports to understand attendee engagement and optimize your future events for maximum success.

Track Key Metrics, Gain Insights, and Optimize Your Events for Success With Wp Easy Events

Comprehensive Event Analytics with WP Easy Events

WP Easy Events empowers users to track and analyze a wide range of metrics for events, providing valuable insights into performance and engagement.

The analytics shortcode and Visual Shortcode Builder enable the creation of custom reports with functions like count, sum, max, min, and more. Users can delve into metrics related to events, attendees, organizers, venues, and performers, gaining a comprehensive view of their event ecosystem.

The flexibility of date ranges and the use of operators for data filtering enhance the precision of analytics, allowing for tailored insights. Displaying custom reports on any page ensures accessibility and transparency, facilitating data-driven decision-making.

Quantify and Analyze Key Metrics:

  1. Customizable Analytics Shortcode:

    • Leverage the analytics shortcode provided by WP Easy Events to quantify and analyze key metrics for your events.
    • Use the Visual Shortcode Builder for a user-friendly experience in creating custom analytics reports.
  2. Visual Shortcode Builder Functionality:

    • Utilize the Visual Shortcode Builder to create custom analytics reports tailored to your specific needs.
    • Access functions such as count, sum, max, min, and more to capture and analyze diverse metrics.
  3. Event, Attendee, Organizer, Venue, Performer Metrics:

    • Gain insights into a wide range of metrics related to events, attendees, organizers, venues, and performers.
    • Track and analyze data points specific to each entity, allowing for a comprehensive understanding.
  4. Flexible Date Ranges:

    • Use relative dates within your analytics reports, providing flexibility in choosing date ranges.
    • Analyze metrics over specific time periods to identify trends and patterns.
  5. Operators for Data Filtering:

    • Implement operators such as equal to, like, smaller, greater, and more to filter and refine your analytics data.
    • Apply specific criteria to focus on relevant information and extract meaningful insights.
  6. Custom Report Display:

    • Display your custom analytics reports on any page of your WordPress site.
    • Showcase the metrics that matter most to your audience and stakeholders for informed decision-making.

Measure, Analyze, Improve

Unleash the Power of Real-Time Event Metrics to See What's Working (and What's Not).

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