Effortless List Building: Connect Mailchimp & Your Event Signups

Streamline Growth & Communication: Supercharge your email marketing with the WP Easy Events Mailchimp Addon. Effortlessly connect your event registration form to Mailchimp, automatically adding attendees to your subscriber list. This seamless integration fosters communication and empowers you to nurture leads and grow your event audience.

Automate Email Marketing: Send Targeted Campaigns Automatically Based on Event Registrations

WP Easy Events MailChimp Addon: Seamless Integration for Email List Growth

WP Easy Events MailChimp Addon takes your event registration form to the next level by seamlessly integrating with MailChimp. This advanced configuration section enhances your ability to connect with attendees, grow your email list, and streamline communication.

Key Features:

  1. Effortless MailChimp Integration:

    • Connect your event registration form to MailChimp effortlessly by entering your MailChimp API Key.
  2. Tailored Subscription Management:

    • Connect event ticket form submissions to a specific MailChimp list, ensuring targeted communication.
    • Choose subscription preferences such as automatic, single opt-in, or double opt-in based on your strategy.
    • Enable or disable subscriptions with a single click, providing flexibility in managing attendee data.
  3. Opt-In Customization:

    • Customize your Opt-in checkbox label to align with your brand and messaging.
    • Choose whether the Opt-in checkbox defaults as checked or unchecked, catering to user preferences.
  4. Update Existing Attendees:

    • Option to update existing attendees in MailChimp, ensuring data accuracy and synchronization.
  5. MailChimp Group Assignments:

    • Select default MailChimp group(s) to assign event registration submissions, facilitating organized segmentation.
  6. Merge Tags for Data Mapping:

    • Assign MailChimp merge tags to event ticket form fields such as email, name, and more.
    • Seamless mapping of data fields ensures consistency and accuracy in your MailChimp lists.
  7. Custom Field Mapping:

    • Assign MailChimp merge tags to your unique custom fields on the contact form, allowing for extensive customization.

The WP Easy Events MailChimp Addon brings a new level of sophistication to event registration forms. By integrating seamlessly with MailChimp, event organizers can harness the power of targeted communication, list growth, and streamlined subscription management. With customizable options for opt-ins, group assignments, and data mapping, this addon ensures a tailored and efficient process for connecting with attendees and building lasting relationships through email marketing.

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