Empower Your Team: Assign Permissions & Streamline Your Event with WP Easy Events

WP Easy Events empowers you to build a dream team for managing your events. Forget clunky permissions or one-size-fits-all access. With a few clicks within the plugin settings, you can customize exactly what your event staff can do when they log in. This allows you to delegate specific tasks based on expertise and experience, maximizing efficiency and ensuring a seamless event experience for attendees.

Assign Specific Permissions and Tasks, Ensuring Everyone Knows Their Role and Contributes Effectively

Empower Your Team with Defined User Roles in WP Easy Events

WP Easy Events introduces robust user roles to streamline the management and organization of events. With three distinct built-in user roles — Event Manager, Event Staff, and Shop Manager (with WooCommerce and EDD addons) — the plugin ensures that each user has specific permissions and responsibilities tailored to their role. User roles define the actions and tasks that a user can perform once logged into the site, providing a structured approach to event management.

Built-In User Roles:

  1. Event Manager:

    • Primary role responsible for overseeing and managing events.
    • Has access to comprehensive capabilities to control and organize event-related activities.
    • Can customize permissions based on specific needs from the plugin settings.
  2. Event Staff:

    • Role designed to assist the Event Manager in various tasks related to event coordination.
    • Can perform specific functions based on assigned capabilities, ensuring a collaborative approach to event management.
    • Scope of tasks can be expanded or customized from the plugin settings to align with organizational requirements.
  3. Shop Manager (with WooCommerce and EDD Addons):

    • Applicable when WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) addons are integrated.
    • Focuses on ecommerce activities related to event ticketing, pricing, and online transactions.
    • Possesses capabilities specific to managing the shop aspect of events.

Customizable User Role Capabilities:

  • Expandable Scope:

    • The plugin settings provide the flexibility to expand the scope of capabilities for Event Managers and Staff.
    • Customize the permissions based on the specific tasks and responsibilities you want to assign to each role.
  • Integrated Task Management:

    • Enhance collaboration by allowing staff and managers to perform multiple tasks within the WordPress environment without switching between different user accounts.
  • Seamless Integration:

    • Integrate unrelated apps through user roles, creating a cohesive and efficient system for managing events and associated activities.


  • Structured Event Management:

    • Assign specific roles to users, ensuring a structured approach to event management with clearly defined responsibilities.
  • Collaborative Task Execution:

    • Foster collaboration by allowing staff to perform various tasks within the WordPress ecosystem without the need to switch between user accounts.
  • Customizable Permissions:

    • Tailor the permissions and capabilities of each role to match the organizational requirements and specific tasks associated with event management.
  • Efficient Integration:

    • Integrate unrelated apps seamlessly through user roles, streamlining workflows and creating an integrated environment for managing diverse activities.

WP Easy Events simplifies event management by introducing user roles that delineate specific responsibilities and tasks. Whether you're an Event Manager overseeing all aspects of events or Event Staff contributing to various coordination tasks, the plugin provides a cohesive and customizable framework.

 The inclusion of a Shop Manager role, applicable with WooCommerce and EDD addons, enhances ecommerce capabilities within the event management system.

Embrace structured and collaborative event management with WP Easy Events, empowering your team with defined user roles and streamlined workflows.

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