Strengthen Your Forms, Foster Trust: Leverage WP Easy Contact's Terms & Conditions

Protect your business! WP Easy Contact lets you set up clear terms and conditions that users must agree to before submitting contact forms, ensuring everyone's on the same page.

Protect Your Website and Ensure Informed Consent: Require Users to Agree to Your Terms and Conditions Before Submitting Informat

The WP Easy Contact WordPress plugin offers a feature that enables the inclusion of terms and conditions agreement before allowing any form submission from contacts. Here are the key functionalities associated with this feature:

Feature Highlights:

  1. Terms and Conditions Content:

    • Users can set the content for their terms and conditions in the settings page of the plugin. This allows customization of the terms to align with the specific requirements or policies of the website or organization.
  2. Collapsible Terms and Conditions:

    • The plugin provides an option to enable or disable the terms and conditions section as collapsible within the contact form. This can enhance the user experience by keeping the form layout clean and concise.
  3. Checkbox for Agreement:

    • A checkbox is added to the contact form, allowing users to explicitly agree to the terms and conditions before submitting the form. This checkbox serves as a confirmation mechanism, ensuring that users acknowledge and accept the specified terms.
  4. Required or Optional Checkbox:

    • Website administrators have the flexibility to configure whether the terms and conditions checkbox is required or optional. This customization allows for adaptability based on the nature of the form and the importance of agreement.


  • Legal Compliance: By incorporating a terms and conditions agreement checkbox, website owners can enhance legal compliance and ensure that users are aware of and consent to the specified terms before submitting contact forms.

  • User Acknowledgment: Users are prompted to actively acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions, fostering transparency and providing a clear understanding of the expectations.

  • Customization Options: The plugin provides customization options for both the content of the terms and conditions and the presentation within the contact form. This allows website administrators to tailor the feature to their specific needs.


  • Users can access the settings page of the WP Easy Contact plugin to input and customize the terms and conditions content.

  • The administrator can choose whether to enable or disable the collapsible feature for terms and conditions.

  • The checkbox for accepting terms and conditions is automatically added to the contact form, and its status (required or optional) is configured based on the administrator's settings.

By incorporating terms and conditions agreement functionality, the WP Easy Contact WordPress plugin aims to offer a solution that promotes legal compliance, user acknowledgment, and customization for contact forms on websites.

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