WP Easy Contact Safeguards Your Contact List with Smart Security Measures

Stop spam in its tracks! WP Easy Contact automatically shields your forms with clever Captcha challenges and invisible honeypots, keeping your inbox free of unwanted messages.

Outsmart Bots and Protect Your Forms With the Combined Power of Smart Captcha and Honeypot

The WP Easy Contact Professional WordPress plugin employs robust security measures to protect contact forms from spam and malicious attacks. Here are the key features:

Spam Protection:

  • Honeypot Protection:

    • Honeypot protection is implemented by default in contact forms. An invisible field, known as a honeypot, is included in the form. While visitors cannot see this field, bots can. When bots fill out the honeypot field, WP Easy Contact detects and rejects the form submission.
  • Captcha Integration:

    • The plugin incorporates captcha as an additional layer of protection. Captcha challenges users to prove they are human by completing a task or solving a puzzle. This feature helps prevent automated bots from submitting forms.

Customization Options:

  • Show/Hide Captcha:

    • Users have the flexibility to choose whether to always show or always hide captcha on their contact forms based on their specific security preferences.
  • Captcha Visibility for Visitors:

    • The plugin allows users to determine whether captcha should be visible to all visitors or exclusively to those who are not logged in. This customization option ensures a tailored approach to form security.


  • Bot Detection and Rejection:

    • Honeypot protection actively detects bots attempting to submit forms by identifying their interaction with the invisible honeypot field. Subsequent rejections mitigate the impact of spam.
  • Human Verification with Captcha:

    • Captcha integration adds a human verification layer to form submissions, ensuring that genuine users interact with the forms while deterring automated bots.
  • Flexible Configuration:

    • Users can configure captcha visibility settings and choose the level of protection suitable for their website, striking a balance between security and user experience.

WP Easy Contact's Smart Captcha and Honeypot features work in tandem to fortify contact forms against spam and malicious activities, offering users a secure and reliable solution for handling form submissions on their WordPress websites.

Block Spam Bots in Their Tracks!

WP Easy Contact's automatic honeypot and CAPTCHA keeps your inbox squeaky clean.

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