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Utilize social media to connect with your contacts effortlessly. The WP Easy Contact WordPress plugin aids in helping your contacts locate you online, ultimately attracting a larger following. Enhance your online presence and increase followers with this user-friendly plugin.

Connect Beyond the Form: Encourage Visitors to Connect With You Across Various Platforms by Showcasing Your Social Media Icons O

The WP Easy Contact WordPress plugin provides a feature that allows users to connect with visitors beyond the form by showcasing social media icons. This feature aims to encourage visitors to connect with the website or business across various social media platforms. Here are the key functionalities associated with this feature:

Feature Highlights:

  1. Integration of Social Media Icons:

    • The plugin enables users to integrate social media icons directly into their contact forms. These icons serve as visual representations of various social media platforms, making it easy for visitors to identify and connect with the website or business on those platforms.
  2. Display Options:

    • Users have the flexibility to choose how they want to display social media icons on their forms. The icons can be presented either as stand-alone elements or as components integrated into the contact form itself. This customization allows users to align the presentation with their website design and layout.
  3. Support for Major Social Networks:

    • The social media icons provided by the plugin support connections to nine major social networks. Users can include links to their profiles on these networks, allowing visitors to follow or engage with them on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.


  • Enhanced Brand Representation: Social media icons contribute to a more comprehensive representation of the brand by showcasing its presence on popular social networks. This can help in building a stronger online presence and connecting with a broader audience.

  • Visitor Engagement: By providing links to social media profiles, the plugin encourages visitors to engage with the website or business on multiple platforms. This can lead to increased social media following, interaction, and brand visibility.

  • Visual Appeal: The inclusion of visually appealing social media icons adds a professional and modern touch to the contact form. It creates a visually engaging experience for visitors and aligns with contemporary design practices.


  • Users can access the settings or customization section of the WP Easy Contact plugin to configure the social media icons feature.

  • Within the settings, users can choose whether to display social media icons as stand-alone elements or integrate them into the contact form.

  • Users can provide links to their social media profiles for the supported networks, customizing the icons' destination based on their specific social media presence.

  • The configured social media icons will be displayed on the contact form, allowing visitors to connect with the website or business on their preferred social networks.

The social media icons feature in the WP Easy Contact WordPress plugin aims to facilitate stronger connections between users and visitors by promoting engagement on various social media platforms. Through visual representation and customization options, this feature enhances the overall user experience and supports effective brand communication.

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