Boost Your Sales Momentum: Harness Relationship Building with WP Easy Contact

Unleash the Power of Connections! WP Easy Contact lets you map relationships between contacts, giving you a deeper understanding of your network and helping you close deals faster.

Gain a Deeper Understanding of Your Contacts and Their Networks to Tailor Your Approach and Accelerate Sales

The WP Easy Contact Professional WordPress plugin provides a comprehensive understanding of contacts and their networks, allowing users to tailor their approach and accelerate sales. The plugin introduces the concept of relationships between contacts, enhancing the depth of information available. Here are the key details of this feature:

Relationship Management:

  • Contact Relationships:

    • Users can add various types of relationships between contacts. Examples include customer/supplier, parent/child, spouse, friend of, relative of, affiliated with, colleague of, works for, referred by, and more.
  • Start and End Dates:

    • Each contact relationship can be associated with start and end dates, providing a timeline for the relationship's duration.
  • Description Field:

    • Users have the option to add a description to each contact relationship, offering additional context or details about the nature of the relationship.

Use Case Example:

  • Scenario:

    • A business maintains a CRM system using WP Easy Contact and wants to capture not only individual contacts but also their relationships with other contacts. This is crucial for understanding the network and connections within their client base.
  • Implementation:

    • The business uses the contact relationship feature to establish connections between various contacts. For example, they link a parent contact to their child contacts, indicate customer-supplier relationships, and note colleagues or friends associated with each contact.
  • Result:

    • The business gains a richer and more nuanced view of its contacts, understanding the network of relationships and connections. This information can be utilized to tailor communication strategies, identify key influencers, and foster stronger client relationships.


  • Holistic View:

    • The contact relationship feature provides a holistic view of contacts by capturing their connections and affiliations.
  • Network Understanding:

    • Users can understand the network of relationships, identifying influencers, key stakeholders, and interconnections among contacts.
  • Tailored Approach:

    • Armed with detailed relationship information, businesses can tailor their approach to communication, marketing, and sales strategies.
  • Timeline Perspective:

    • Start and end dates for relationships offer a timeline perspective, helping users track the evolution of connections over time.

The introduction of contact relationships in WP Easy Contact empowers users with a more complete understanding of their contacts, enabling personalized and targeted engagement strategies. This feature is valuable for businesses looking to leverage relationship insights for sales acceleration and relationship-building efforts.

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