Stay Connected or Stay Organized: Track Recent Contacts with WP Easy Contact

Stay organized and manage contacts efficiently! The Recent Contact Widget from WP Easy Contact allows you to easily keep track of your latest contacts, right from your WordPress dashboard. This streamlined view helps you prioritize and manage your workload effectively.

Never Miss a Connection: Stay on Top of All Your New Contacts With Clear Visibility

The WP Easy Contact Professional WordPress plugin offers a convenient dashboard feature that ensures users never miss a connection. With clear visibility on the WP Easy Contact dashboard, users can stay on top of their latest contacts, providing key information about who contacted them and when. Here are the key details of this feature:

Latest Contacts on Dashboard:

  • Dashboard Display:

    • The latest contacts, along with submission date and time information, are prominently displayed on the WP Easy Contact dashboard.
  • Configurability:

    • Users have the flexibility to configure the display settings, allowing them to customize the count of contacts shown on the dashboard.

Use Case Example:

  • Scenario:

    • An organization receives a steady stream of new contacts through their website. The administrators want to have quick access to the latest contacts directly from the WP Easy Contact dashboard.
  • Implementation:

    • The administrators configure the dashboard settings to display a specific count of the latest contacts. This ensures that they have a clear overview of the most recent interactions with visitors.
  • Result:

    • The administrators can easily monitor and track the latest contacts without navigating to separate pages. The dashboard provides a quick snapshot of recent interactions, facilitating timely responses.


  • Immediate Visibility:

    • The latest contacts are readily visible on the dashboard, providing users with immediate visibility into recent interactions.
  • Time and Date Information:

    • Submission date and time information is included, allowing users to track when each contact was made.
  • Configurable Display:

    • Users can configure the count of contacts displayed on the dashboard, tailoring the view to their specific preferences.
  • Efficient Monitoring:

    • Administrators can efficiently monitor and stay informed about the most recent contacts, enabling timely responses and engagement.

The inclusion of the latest contacts on the WP Easy Contact dashboard enhances user convenience by providing a centralized location for monitoring recent interactions. This feature ensures that administrators can promptly respond to new contacts and maintain a proactive approach to communication.

Never Miss a Lead Again!

WP Easy Contact's Recent Contact Widget empowers you to effortlessly track and view your latest contacts, right on your WordPress site.

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