Effortless List Building: Grow Your Email Audience with WP Easy Contact

Effortlessly Build Your Email List: Supercharge your email marketing strategy with the WP Easy Contact MailChimp Addon! Seamlessly connect your contact form to MailChimp, automatically adding new subscribers to your list with every form submission.

Supercharge Your Email Marketing: Streamline Signup and Build a Valuable Audience With Seamless Mailchimp Integration for Your C

The MailChimp Addon in the WP Easy Contact WordPress plugin provides advanced integration with MailChimp, streamlining the signup process and helping users build a valuable audience through email marketing.

This integration enhances the capabilities of the contact form by allowing seamless connectivity with MailChimp lists. Here are the key functionalities associated with the MailChimp Addon:

Feature Highlights:

  1. MailChimp API Key Integration:

    • Users can enter their MailChimp API Key in the advanced configuration section of the MailChimp Addon. This API Key serves as the authentication mechanism, enabling the plugin to connect with the user's MailChimp account.
  2. List Subscription:

    • The MailChimp Addon allows users to specify a particular MailChimp list to which contact form submissions will be linked. This ensures that new contacts captured through the form are seamlessly integrated into the designated MailChimp list.
  3. Subscription Settings:

    • Users can configure how contacts are subscribed to the MailChimp list. This includes options for automatic subscription or the use of opt-in methods. Users can choose between single or double opt-ins, providing flexibility in the subscription process.
  4. Opt-In Checkbox Customization:

    • The MailChimp Addon includes customization options for the Opt-In checkbox on the contact form. Users can customize the checkbox label, set its default state (checked or unchecked), and tailor its appearance to align with their branding and messaging.
  5. Existing Contacts Update:

    • Users have the option to enable or disable the subscription of existing contacts in MailChimp. This feature ensures that users can manage how updates to existing contacts are handled when new information is submitted through the contact form.
  6. MailChimp Group Assignments:

    • The addon supports the assignment of contacts to MailChimp groups based on predefined criteria. Users can create complex group assignments using criteria such as contact form topics and groups. This allows for targeted grouping of contacts within the MailChimp list.
  7. Merge Tag Assignments:

    • Users can assign MailChimp merge tags to various fields on the contact form, including standard fields such as email, name, address, phone, website, etc. Additionally, users can assign merge tags to their own unique custom fields, providing comprehensive data capture for MailChimp.


  • Seamless Integration: The MailChimp Addon streamlines the integration process, allowing users to effortlessly connect their contact form with MailChimp without extensive manual configuration.

  • Subscription Flexibility: Users can tailor the subscription process to meet their preferences, choosing between automatic subscriptions and various opt-in methods. This flexibility ensures a customized approach to audience building.

  • Advanced Grouping: The addon's support for MailChimp group assignments based on predefined criteria enables users to create sophisticated segmentation strategies within their MailChimp list.

  • Comprehensive Data Capture: Merge tag assignments facilitate the capture of a wide range of data from the contact form, providing users with detailed information about their audience.


  • Users can access the advanced configuration section of the MailChimp Addon within the WP Easy Contact plugin settings.

  • The MailChimp API Key is entered to establish a secure connection between the plugin and the user's MailChimp account.

  • Users can select the MailChimp list to which contact form submissions will be linked.

  • Configuration options for subscription settings, opt-in checkbox customization, and existing contacts update can be adjusted based on user preferences.

  • Users can define criteria for MailChimp group assignments, allowing for targeted grouping of contacts within the MailChimp list.

  • Merge tag assignments can be configured for various contact form fields, facilitating comprehensive data capture for MailChimp.

The MailChimp Addon in the WP Easy Contact WordPress plugin empowers users to supercharge their email marketing efforts by seamlessly integrating their contact form with MailChimp. Through advanced configuration options and flexible subscription settings, this addon enhances the efficiency of audience building and data capture for email campaigns.

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