Turn Emails into Contacts with WP Easy Contact Incoming Email Addon

Stop wasting time sorting through emails to find new contacts! WP Easy Contact's Incoming Email Addon automatically converts email senders into valuable contacts. This powerful tool streamlines your workflow and ensures all your communication channels are effortlessly organized.

Streamline Contact Information Collection With Email Contact Form

Start receiving contact information through emails within minutes with our WP Easy Contact Incoming Email Addon. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Receive customer file attachments directly in your inbox.
  • Efficiently manage spam or unauthorized contact information using email pins, authorized addresses, and banned file names.
  • Retrieve emails from IMAP or POP3 servers with or without SSL/TLS encryption.
  • Customize the frequency of email checks to suit your preferences.
  • Option to automatically delete incoming emails used for creating contact information, ensuring data privacy.
  • Set a maximum limit on the number of emails processed for generating contact information.
  • Choose whether to allow visitors or only registered site users to request quotes.
  • Define a default subject line for emails that do not include one, ensuring consistency in communication.
  • Set separate contact information statuses for site users and visitors to better manage interactions.
  • Categorize emails efficiently using shortcodes, enabling streamlined organization.
  • Record email processing logs for effective testing and debugging purposes.

Capture More Leads, Effortlessly!

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