Know Your Contacts Better: Powerful Insights from WP Easy Contact

Unleash hidden insights! WP Easy Contact's powerful dashboard uses intuitive graphs and charts to reveal trends and patterns within your contacts, empowering you to make data-driven decisions.

Gain Deeper Understanding of Your Contacts With Powerful Analytics and Visualizations

The WP Easy Contact Professional WordPress plugin offers powerful analytics and visualizations to transform data into actionable insights, providing users with a deeper understanding of their contacts.

This feature enhances the ability to nurture stronger connections and make informed decisions. Here are the key components of this analytical capability:

Analytics and Visualizations:

  • WordPress Dashboard:
    • The plugin enhances the WordPress dashboard with four charts and two lists that offer valuable insights into contact-related data.

    • Bar Chart (Last 4 Weeks):

      • Compares the number of contacts received for each topic over the last four weeks.
    • Pie Chart (Countries):

      • Displays the percentage distribution of contacts based on the countries of origin.
    • Pie Chart (States):

      • Illustrates the percentage distribution of contacts based on the states of origin.
    • Pie Chart (Topics):

      • Highlights the percentage distribution of contacts based on different topics.
    • Recent Completed Tasks:

      • Lists the most recent completed tasks, providing an overview of recent task-related activities.
    • Recent Contacts:

      • Displays a list of recent contacts, allowing users to stay informed about the latest interactions.

Shortcodes for Page Display:

  • Chart Shortcodes:
    • Users have the option to display the same charts on a page using shortcodes. This provides flexibility in presenting analytics beyond the dashboard.

Use Case Example:

  • Scenario:

    • A business wants to monitor and analyze the geographical distribution of its contacts, track engagement with various topics, and stay updated on recent completed tasks and contacts.
  • Implementation:

    • The business leverages WP Easy Contact's analytics and visualizations by regularly checking the WordPress dashboard. They also decide to embed the same charts on a dedicated page on their website using shortcodes for broader accessibility.
  • Result:

    • The business gains actionable insights into contact patterns, geographical reach, and task completion trends. They can make data-driven decisions, identify popular topics, and respond strategically to regional engagement.


  • Data-Driven Decisions:

    • Users can make informed decisions by analyzing contact data through visually appealing charts and lists.
  • Geographical Insights:

    • The geographical distribution of contacts is visualized, helping users understand the regions where their contacts are concentrated.
  • Topic Engagement:

    • Topic-specific engagement is tracked, allowing businesses to identify popular areas of interest among contacts.
  • Task Visibility:

    • Recent completed tasks provide visibility into task-related activities, ensuring users stay updated on task progress.

The analytics and visualization features in WP Easy Contact empower users with a comprehensive understanding of their contact data. This enables businesses to optimize their engagement strategies, identify trends, and foster stronger connections with their audience.

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