Simplify Your Workflow: Centralize Communication with File Uploads

Simplify communication and save time for everyone with WP Easy Contact! Ditch the endless email chains and file attachments. This user-friendly plugin allows your contacts to seamlessly submit files and media directly through your website forms. No more back-and-forth emails – everything you need is delivered in one convenient package. This streamlines communication for you and your contacts, ensuring a smoother, more efficient experience for everyone involved.

Accept Files and Media to Gather Essential Information With Ease

The WP Easy Contact WordPress plugin includes a feature that allows users to accept files and media through their contact forms, simplifying the process of gathering essential information. Here are the key functionalities associated with this feature:

Feature Highlights:

  1. File Upload Field:

    • The plugin provides an option to easily add or remove a file upload field from the contact form. This flexibility allows users to customize their forms based on the specific information they aim to collect.
  2. Accept Various File Types:

    • The file upload field supports a variety of file types, enabling users to collect additional information in the form of images, videos, Word documents, PDFs, and more. This versatility accommodates different types of media that may be relevant to the contact form's purpose.
  3. View and Delete Uploaded Files:

    • Within the WordPress dashboard, users have the ability to view and manage the files that have been uploaded through the contact form. This feature ensures easy access to the collected files and provides the option to delete them if needed.


  • Enhanced Information Gathering: By incorporating file upload functionality, website owners can facilitate the collection of diverse and multimedia-rich information through their contact forms.

  • Customization Options: Users can easily customize their contact forms by adding or removing the file upload field based on the specific requirements of their interaction with website visitors.

  • Convenient File Management: The WordPress dashboard serves as a centralized location for users to view and manage the files that have been uploaded via the contact form. This simplifies the process of file retrieval and deletion.


  • Users can access the settings or customization options of the WP Easy Contact plugin to add a file upload field to their contact form.

  • When visitors use the contact form, they have the option to upload files of various types, providing additional information along with their messages.

  • Website administrators can navigate to the WordPress dashboard to view a list of uploaded files and manage them, including the ability to delete files as needed.

The file upload feature in the WP Easy Contact WordPress plugin aims to streamline the information-gathering process, allowing website owners to collect a diverse range of media files through their contact forms. This feature is designed to be user-friendly, customizable, and efficient for both website administrators and visitors.

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