Manage Website Contacts with Ease: WP Easy Contact

WP Easy Contact empowers non-technical WordPress users with the contact manager role, allowing them to effortlessly expand their capabilities through the plugin settings, enhancing their ability to manage contacts with just a few clicks.

Simplify Complex Tasks, Amplify Impact: Equip Your Contact Managers With Powerful Tools Directly Within the Plugin

The WP Easy Contact Professional WordPress plugin includes a user role known as the "Contact Manager" role. This role is designed to empower users with specific capabilities related to contact management within the plugin. The plugin provides a feature that allows administrators to expand the scope of what contact managers can do on the site by adjusting their capabilities. Here are the key details of this feature:

User Role: Contact Manager

  • Contact Manager Role Definition:

    • The "Contact Manager" role is a predefined user role within the WP Easy Contact Professional plugin.
    • This role is specifically tailored to individuals responsible for managing contacts and related tasks on the website.
  • Scope of Contact Manager Activities:

    • Contact managers, assigned with the Contact Manager role, have predefined capabilities related to contact management.
    • These capabilities include tasks such as creating, editing, and managing contact information, tasks, and other relevant functionalities provided by the plugin.

Capability Expansion:

  • Customization Options:

    • The plugin settings include an option to expand the scope of the Contact Manager role.
    • Administrators can choose to broaden the capabilities of contact managers based on the specific needs of the website.
  • Example Use Case:

    • If administrators require contact managers to perform additional tasks beyond contact management, such as publishing or updating posts/pages or assisting with site administration activities, they can utilize this feature.
  • Flexibility in Task Performance:

    • Expanding the scope of the Contact Manager role allows individuals to perform multiple tasks without the need to log in as another WordPress user.


  1. Access Plugin Settings:

    • Administrators can access the settings pages of the WP Easy Contact Professional plugin.
  2. User Role Configuration:

    • Within the plugin settings, there is an option to expand the capabilities of the Contact Manager role.
  3. Capability Selection:

    • Administrators can select the specific capabilities they want to grant to contact managers to extend their scope of activities.
  4. Save Changes:

    • After configuring the capabilities, administrators can save the changes to apply the expanded scope to contact managers.


  • Task Flexibility: Contact managers can perform various tasks related to contact management without limitations.

  • Efficient Workflow: The capability expansion feature enables efficient task performance, eliminating the need for users to switch between different WordPress roles.

  • Customization: Administrators have the flexibility to customize the Contact Manager role based on the unique requirements of their website.

  • Multi-Tasking Capability: Contact managers can engage in multiple activities within the plugin, enhancing their productivity.

  • No Need to Switch Roles: Users with the Contact Manager role can accomplish diverse tasks without the need to log in as a different WordPress user.

Use Case Example:

  • Scenario:

    • An administrator wants contact managers to not only handle contact-related tasks but also assist in publishing blog posts and updating pages.
  • Implementation:

    • The administrator navigates to the plugin settings, expands the capabilities of the Contact Manager role, and selects the additional capabilities related to post/page management.
  • Result:

    • Contact managers can now perform tasks beyond contact management, such as publishing and updating posts/pages, streamlining their workflow.

The capability expansion feature in WP Easy Contact Professional empowers administrators to tailor the Contact Manager role to the specific needs of their website. By providing flexibility and efficiency in task performance, this feature enhances the overall contact management experience for users with the Contact Manager role.

Simplified Management

Empower your website's contact managers to efficiently oversee and handle contact information through WP Easy Contact.

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