Effortlessly Create Your Ideal Contact Form: WP Easy Contact

Craft a contact form that perfectly suits your needs in minutes! WP Easy Contact empowers you to design a fully customizable form with the specific fields and styling preferences you desire. This allows you to streamline communication by offering your customers a user-friendly and tailored contact experience.

Build a Customized Form With Desired Fields and Styling in Mere Minutes, No Coding Required

The WP Easy Contact Professional WordPress plugin provides a user-friendly EMD Form Builder, allowing website owners to easily create and customize contact forms without the need for coding. Here's an overview of the key features and functionalities related to the EMD Form Builder:

Customized Form Creation:

  • Drag and Drop Interface:

    • The EMD Form Builder features a drag-and-drop interface, making it simple and intuitive for users to customize default forms or create entirely new ones. This approach eliminates the need for coding skills, enabling users to design forms visually.
  • Layout Area:

    • The layout area serves as the canvas for building forms. Users can add default and custom fields to the layout area by dragging and dropping them into position. This allows for the flexible arrangement of form elements.
  • Field Customization:

    • Users have the ability to customize each field within the form. This includes changing the order of fields, creating multi-column rows, marking certain fields as required, and adding helpful text to guide users when filling out the form.

Adding and Removing Fields:

  • Adding Fields:

    • To include fields in the form, users can drag the desired fields from the available options and drop them onto the layout area. This enables the inclusion of specific information fields tailored to the needs of the form.
  • Removing Fields:

    • Users can easily remove fields from the form by clicking on the red delete button associated with the field box. This straightforward process ensures flexibility in adjusting the form's content.

HTML Field for Additional Text:

  • HTML Field:
    • The plugin supports HTML fields, allowing users to add custom text or content along with the form. Users can create HTML fields to display additional information, instructions, or any desired text within the form.

Shortcodes for Display:

  • Display on Frontend:
    • Once the form is configured and customized using the EMD Form Builder, users can display it on the frontend of their WordPress site by copying and pasting the generated shortcode onto a WordPress page. This seamless integration ensures that the customized form is easily accessible to website visitors.

The EMD Form Builder simplifies the process of creating and customizing contact forms, providing users with a powerful yet user-friendly tool to tailor forms according to their specific requirements. The visual approach, combined with drag-and-drop functionality, enhances the overall ease of form customization within the WP Easy Contact plugin.

Intuitive Drag-And-Drop Interface

Forget complex coding languages. WP Easy Contact utilizes a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, allowing you to effortlessly add and arrange the necessary fields for your contact form, just like building with digital building blocks.

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