Organize and Simplify: Mastering Contact Management with Categories and Tags

Take control of your contact list: Ditch the endless scrolling and frustration. By strategically categorizing and tagging your contacts, you'll save time and effort when trying to find that specific person.

Group Contacts by Industry, Role, Project Involvement, or Any Other Relevant Criteria

The WP Easy Contact WordPress plugin offers a feature that enables users to group contacts based on various criteria such as industry, role, project involvement, or any other relevant factors. Here are the key functionalities associated with this grouping feature:

Feature Highlights:

  1. Sort and Group Contacts:

    • Users have the ability to sort and group their contacts, making it easier to find and manage important contacts efficiently. This feature enhances the organization and accessibility of contact information.
  2. Categorization Options:

    • Contacts can be categorized based on different criteria, including topics, country, or state. This categorization provides a structured way to organize contacts, allowing users to create meaningful groups for better management.
  3. Tags for Quick Labeling:

    • Tags serve as a quick and flexible method for labeling and grouping contacts. Users can assign tags to contacts based on specific characteristics, creating a system of classification that aligns with their organizational needs.
  4. Unique Tagging System:

    • The tagging system allows users to assign unique tags to contacts, providing a way to group contacts in customized ways. This flexibility ensures that contacts can be labeled and organized according to diverse and specific criteria.


  • Efficient Contact Management: The ability to sort, categorize, and tag contacts facilitates more efficient contact management. Users can quickly locate specific contacts or groups based on predefined criteria.

  • Customized Grouping: Users can create custom categories and tags that align with their unique organizational requirements. This customization ensures that contacts are grouped in a way that reflects the user's specific context or business needs.

  • Improved Accessibility: Grouping contacts enhances the accessibility of contact information, making it easier for users to navigate through their contact database and locate relevant individuals or groups.


  • Users can access the contact editor of the WP Easy Contact plugin within the WordPress Admin panel to explore the grouping, categorization, and tagging features.

  • When adding or editing contacts, users can assign specific categories, tags, or other criteria to group contacts based on their attributes.

  • The organized groups and tagged contacts can be utilized for streamlined contact management and retrieval.

The grouping, categorization, and tagging features within the WP Easy Contact WordPress plugin aim to provide users with a flexible and efficient way to manage their contacts. By offering customization options and a systematic approach to contact organization, this feature contributes to an enhanced user experience in handling contact information.

Tame Your List With Categories & Tags

Taming your contact list with categories and tags saves you precious time by letting you find the right person in a flash.

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