Track Agent Performance through Integrated Dashboard in WP Ticket

Unleash the full potential of your support team with WP Ticket's insightful analytics. Gain real-time visibility into key metrics like response times, resolution rates, and overall agent productivity. This empowers you to make data-driven decisions that optimize workflows and maximize efficiency. Our intuitive interface takes the guesswork out of performance analysis. Effortlessly identify top performers, pinpoint areas for improvement, and ensure consistent quality across every customer interaction. With WP Ticket, you can elevate your support operations and deliver exceptional service that keeps customers happy.

Gain Valuable Insights Into Individual Agent Performance With Our Intuitive, Integrated Dashboard

The frontend agent dashboards in the WP Ticket WordPress plugin provide valuable tools for support agents to monitor and manage their ticket resolution performance and workload. The available charts offer insights into various aspects of ticket management. Let's break down the mentioned charts:

  1. Ticket Counts By Priority By Status:

    • This chart likely displays the distribution of tickets based on their priority levels and current status. It provides a quick overview of the agent's workload and the types of tickets they are handling.
  2. Ticket Counts By Topic:

    • This chart probably illustrates the distribution of tickets across different topics or categories. It helps agents understand the nature of the issues they are dealing with and allows for targeted responses.
  3. Ticket Counts By SLA (Service Level Agreement):

    • SLA metrics are crucial for measuring adherence to predefined response and resolution times. This chart likely shows how well the agent is meeting SLA targets for various tickets.
  4. Ticket Counts By Status By Created Date Last 4 Weeks:

    • This chart provides insights into ticket trends over the past four weeks, based on their status at the time of creation. It helps the agent track recent ticket activity and identify any patterns or changes.

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