Efficient Task Management with Software Issue Manager's Role-Based Access

Role-Based Content Access in Software Issue Manager allows your software team to concentrate on their tasks without interference. Grant project members access on a need-to-know basis, ensuring streamlined collaboration and minimal disruption. Tailor content access to specific roles, allowing for efficient project management within your team.

Control Project Visibility to Ensure Confidential Information Stays Secure

Software Issue Manager seamlessly integrates with the WordPress User Management system, providing role-based access to content and ensuring secure and organized collaboration within the project management system. Here are the key aspects of this integration:

  1. WordPress User Mapping:

    • Each project member is mapped to a corresponding WordPress user, facilitating the linkage between project management roles and WordPress user roles.
  2. Role-Based Content Access:

    • Project members have access to records based on their organizational roles. For instance:
      • "Team Member" role holders can access issues that are self-reported, self-authored, assigned by project managers, and issues they actively participate in.
      • Access, submission, and search capabilities for projects, issues, or members are role-restricted, ensuring that users only interact with content relevant to their assigned roles.
  3. Role Configuration in Plugin Settings:

    • Users must belong to a specific role to access, submit, and search projects, issues, or members. However, configurations in the plugin settings allow for adjustments based on organizational requirements.
  4. Out-of-the-Box Roles:

    • The plugin provides predefined roles to streamline access and permissions. These roles include:
      • Project Manager (Pro and Enterprise Editions): Reserved for users with managerial responsibilities over projects.
      • Project Client (Pro and Enterprise Editions): Designed for users who function as clients within the project management system.
      • Team Member (Enterprise Edition only): Assigned to users with team-oriented roles, participating actively in project tasks.
      • Project Director (Enterprise Edition only): A specialized role for users with directorial responsibilities within the project management hierarchy.

This role-based integration ensures that users are granted access and permissions aligned with their organizational roles, fostering a secure and efficient collaboration environment within Software Issue Manager.

Task Efficiency Amplified

Role-Based Content Access in Software Issue Manager ensures team members can concentrate on their specific responsibilities without unnecessary distractions, enhancing overall task efficiency.

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