Make Informed Decisions, Faster: Real-Time Metrics and Customizable Reports

Unlock actionable insights with Software Issue Manager's customizable reporting. Track real-time project metrics and analyze key data to make informed decisions. Drive project success with the power of data-driven insights at your fingertips.

Identify Trends, Predict Issues, and Optimize Efforts With Insightful Metrics

Software Issue Manager's Analytics component provides a powerful tool for quantifying and analyzing key metrics related to projects, issues, and members. Here's how you can leverage this feature:

Key Features of Analytics:

  1. Custom Reports Creation:

    • Analytics allows you to create custom reports tailored to your specific requirements.
  2. Display Reports on WordPress Pages:

    • You can display these custom reports on any WordPress page for convenient access and visibility.
  3. Functions and Attributes:

    • Utilize various functions such as count, sum, max, min, and more to perform calculations on the data.
    • Use attributes like member name, project version, project start date, etc., to refine and specify the results.
  4. Taxonomies and Relationships:

    • Leverage taxonomies such as status, priority, programs, states, etc., to categorize and filter the results.
    • Explore relationships between projects, issues, and members, such as assigned projects, project manager, project issues, to further refine the analytics.
  5. Relative Dates and Operators:

    • Apply relative dates and operators (e.g., equal to, like, smaller, greater) to dynamically filter the results based on specific criteria.

Enhanced Data Analysis:

  • Quantify Project, Issue, and Member Metrics:

    • Analytics enables you to quantify and analyze key metrics associated with projects, issues, and team members.
  • Dynamic Filtering:

    • The ability to dynamically filter data based on various attributes, taxonomies, relationships, and conditions provides a comprehensive approach to data analysis.
  • Tailored Reporting:

    • Create reports that are tailored to your organization's unique needs, allowing you to focus on specific aspects of project management and issue resolution.

Software Issue Manager's Analytics component, available with the Enterprise edition, serves as a valuable tool for data-driven decision-making, performance analysis, and project optimization within your project management system.

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