Automated Team Updates: Microsoft Active Directory/LDAP Integration in Software Issue Manager

Effortlessly manage and update your team information in one centralized location with the Microsoft Active Directory/LDAP Addon for Software Issue Manager. This addon ensures that your project team members stay current with automated imports and updates, streamlining the process of keeping information up-to-date.

Simplify Team Management: Create, Edit, and Update All Team Information in a Single, Centralized Hub

The Active Directory/LDAP Integration tool provides a straightforward solution to keep your project team members and managers' details up-to-date by seamlessly integrating with Active Directory or LDAP servers. Here are some key features and benefits of this integration:

  1. User-Friendly Interface:

    • Enjoy an easy-to-use interface that simplifies the process of updating and managing team member details.
  2. Field Mapping:

    • Map all team member fields to Active Directory/LDAP fields, ensuring accurate synchronization of information.
  3. Custom Field Integration:

    • Map your custom fields to Active Directory/LDAP fields, allowing for a comprehensive and tailored data transfer.
  4. Compatibility Testing:

    • Tested with Microsoft Active Directory, OpenLDAP, and Apache Directory, ensuring compatibility with widely used directory services.
  5. Import, Update, and Delete Support:

    • Support for importing, updating, and deleting member data connected with one-to-many group names in Active Directory/LDAP, offering flexibility in data management.
  6. Automated Imports/Updates:

    • WP Cron-based automated imports and updates enable scheduled and hassle-free synchronization between WordPress and AD/LDAP servers.
  7. Secure Connections with TLS:

    • Ensure the security of data transfer by allowing secure connections between WordPress and AD/LDAP servers using TLS encryption.
  8. Multifunctional Integration:

    • Create team member photos and more, enhancing the richness of data integration and providing a comprehensive overview of your project team.

By leveraging the Active Directory/LDAP Integration tool, you can maintain accuracy and consistency in your team member details, reduce manual data entry, and enhance overall efficiency in project management.

Automatic Updates

Keep Your Team Informed with Software Issue Manager's Microsoft Active Directory/LDAP Integration.

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