Personalize Software Issue Manager effortlessly to suit your needs

Simplify your Software Issue Manager experience by effortlessly personalizing it through easy customization. Navigate the platform to suit your preferences with the utmost convenience using the intuitive and user-friendly plugin settings. This allows you to make nuanced adjustments that cater to your unique needs and enhance your overall interaction with Software Issue Manager, ensuring a seamless and personalized project management solution.

Customize Settings to Align With Your Workflows and Preferences

The Software Issue Manager settings page provides a user-friendly interface for customizing the overall look and feel of your project management system. Here are some key customization highlights:

  1. Minimized Theme Conflicts:

    • Designed to minimize conflicts with theme-related elements, ensuring smooth integration and a cohesive user experience.
  2. Field, Taxonomy, and Relationship Control:

    • Enable or disable any field, taxonomy, or relationship from both the backend and frontend. This includes customization options for frontend entry and search forms.
  3. Access Control:

    • Limit access to frontend entry and search forms to logged-in users only or open them to everyone. Display login and registration options as needed.
  4. EMD Widget Area:

    • Benefit from the EMD Widget area, allowing you to display sidebar widgets in plugin pages for added flexibility.
  5. Page Templates:

    • Set plugin page templates to display a sidebar on the left, sidebar on the right, or full-width, all without modifying your theme's template files.
  6. Base Slug Configuration:

    • Define the base slug for issues, projects, and/or members, providing a customizable and branded URL structure.
  7. Page Navigation Options:

    • Enable or disable page navigation in archive/taxonomy pages, tailoring the navigation experience based on your preferences.
  8. Admin Tools for Performance:

    • Access a variety of useful admin tools designed to improve page load performance and ensure a cleaner output for a more optimized user experience.

By utilizing the Software Issue Manager settings page, you can effortlessly tailor the appearance and functionality of your project management system without the need for extensive coding or theme modifications.

Make Software Issue Manager Your Own

Experience a truly personalized project management solution that boosts productivity, enhances collaboration, and streamlines your workflow.

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