Turn Emails into Quotes: Simplify with Request a Quote

Bid farewell to the tedious task of sorting through your emails with the Request a Quote Incoming Email Addon. This user-friendly tool simplifies the process of receiving requests for quotations directly from your emails, offering a seamless and efficient solution.

Turn Customer Emails Into Quote Requests Instantly

Initiate the process of receiving requests for quotation (RFQ) through emails in a matter of minutes with the Request a Quote Email Addon. Some of its key highlights include:

  1. File Attachments:

    • Receive customer file attachments directly through email submissions, ensuring comprehensive information capture.
  2. Anti-Spam Measures:

    • Implement robust measures to reject spam or unauthorized RFQ requests, including email pins, authorized addresses, and the exclusion of banned file names.
  3. Email Retrieval Options:

    • Retrieve RFQ emails from IMAP or POP3 servers, with or without SSL/TLS, providing flexibility in email source management.
  4. Scheduled Email Checks:

    • Set the frequency at which you want to check your emails for incoming RFQ submissions, customizing the process to meet your needs.
  5. Email Deletion Options:

    • Choose whether to delete incoming emails used for creating RFQs, streamlining your email inbox management.
  6. Request Limit Settings:

    • Set a maximum number of emails for RFQ requests, controlling the volume of submissions based on your preferences.
  7. User Accessibility Options:

    • Specify whether visitors, site users, or both can request quotes, tailoring the accessibility based on your site's user management.
  8. Default Subject Line:

    • Set a default subject line for RFQs in case customers do not include one, ensuring consistent and organized email submissions.
  9. Separate Status Settings:

    • Define separate request for quotation statuses for site users and visitors, facilitating efficient categorization and management.
  10. Shortcode Categorization:

    • Categorize emails using shortcodes, allowing for systematic organization and easier tracking of RFQ submissions.
  11. Logging Capabilities:

    • Record email processing logs for testing and debugging purposes, providing transparency and aiding in the troubleshooting process.

These features collectively make the Request a Quote Email Addon a powerful tool for seamlessly integrating and managing RFQ submissions through emails.

Save Time on Quotes: Get the Incoming Email Addon Today!

Eliminate the time-consuming task of manually sorting through emails to identify and extract quote requests.

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