Simplify Quote Requests with Seamless File Sharing

Request a Quote comes equipped with a robust file upload field, empowering customers to seamlessly include files or images along with their sales requests. This feature enhances the convenience for customers, allowing them to provide additional documentation or visual aids to support their sales inquiries.

Customize & Control File Uploads for Request a Quote

Tailor the file upload functionality of Request a Quote to meet your specific needs with the flexibility to activate or deactivate this feature.

Activate or Deactivate: Choose whether to enable or disable file uploads based on your requirements, providing you with control over the information your customers can submit.

Fine-Tune Upload Settings: Take full control of your uploads by adjusting settings for acceptable file types, sizes, or the maximum number of files allowed for upload. This customization can be effortlessly managed directly from the plugin setting page, ensuring a seamless and tailored experience for both you and your customers.

Flexible File Uploads

Empower Your Request a Quote Experience

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