Set time triggers to automatically route, escalate, or assign quotes/info requests

Imagine a quoting system that works on autopilot! The Request A Quote WordPress plugin automates the routing and management of quote requests using time triggers. Set specific time-based filters to automatically escalate, assign, or route incoming inquiries, ensuring they reach the right team member at the right time. This intelligent automation streamlines your workflow, eliminates manual routing tasks, and empowers your team to focus on crafting exceptional quotes and closing deals faster. Stop wasting time on repetitive tasks – let Request A Quote's time triggers handle the heavy lifting and boost your quoting process to new levels of efficiency.

Automatically Route or Escalate Quote Requests Based on Time-Based Rules

The Time-Based Workflow component in the Request A Quote WordPress plugin provides a critical tool for efficiently managing the routing, escalation, and reminder processes associated with requests for quotes or information.

Key features and examples of its usage include:

  1. Time-Triggered Actions:

    • Create rules that trigger time-based workflow actions based on any date or datetime field on requests for quotes or information.
  2. Scheduler Functionality:

    • Unlike Request A Quote Triggers, schedulers run when a time event occurs. Define conditions and actions relative to a selected point or period of time.

Examples of Utilizing Time-Based Workflow:

  • Task Assignment:

    • Define a scheduler to assign a task to the employee responsible for follow-up 7 days before the RFQ close date.
  • Customer Notifications:

    • Identify RFQs with Lost status related to specific services within the last 3 months. Send a notification to the requesting customer about an upcoming service/product update.
  • Request Routing:

    • Route RFQs or RFIs to a specific employee or department email for efficient processing.
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey:

    • Identify all RFQs or RFIs submitted in the last 3 months and send the requesting customer a link to your company satisfaction survey page.

These examples highlight the versatility of the Time-Based Workflow component, allowing organizations to automate and streamline critical processes based on specified time events.

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