Automate Repetitive Tasks for Quotes & Information Requests

Streamline your quoting process and free up your team's time with Request A Quote's Triggers. Imagine a system that can automatically handle repetitive tasks whenever a quote request comes in, is modified, or even deleted. This powerful automation tool ensures tasks are executed precisely and promptly, every single time. No more wasted time on manual processes – Request A Quote Triggers consistently fulfills your needs, allowing your team to focus on what matters most – crafting exceptional quotes and closing deals.

Automate Repetitive Tasks for Accuracy and Efficiency

The Request A Quote WordPress plugin introduces the Triggers component, offering an efficient solution for automating repetitive tasks related to requests for information (RFI) or quotes (RFQ).

With the Triggers component, you can establish business rules that execute immediately after the creation, modification, or deletion of an RFI or RFQ.

Here are key functionalities and examples of how Triggers can be utilized:

  1. Automated Notifications:

    • Trigger: Notify the customer when an RFI or RFQ is assigned to a specific salesperson.
    • Trigger: Notify the customer when an RFI or RFQ is closed.
  2. Versatility in Triggers:

    • Create multiple triggers to execute in a specified order.
    • Deactivate triggers at any time.
    • Execute multiple actions after the triggering event by simply dragging and dropping the triggers.
  3. Conditional Automation:

    • Unlike time-based automation, triggers operate immediately when an RFI or RFQ record is created, modified, or removed.
    • Set conditions for the automation to run, specifying actions when conditions are met.

Examples of Trigger Use Cases:

  • Email Notifications:

    • Trigger: Send a customized email to specific staff members when an RFI or RFQ is received.
  • Status Update and Notification:

    • Trigger: Change the status of an RFI or RFQ to "Closed" and notify the assigned salesperson via email when a payment is recorded.
  • Financial Threshold Notifications:

    • Trigger: Send an email to all company employees when an RFQ with a value exceeding $100,000 is closed.

These examples demonstrate the versatility of triggers, allowing you to streamline your workflow, enhance communication, and automate essential actions in response to RFI or RFQ events.

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