Effortlessly sort & track your sales quotes

Effortlessly organize your quotes and close deals faster! The Request a Quote feature lets you categorize quotes by service type, payment terms, or sales stage. This powerful organization keeps your quotes in order, allowing you to easily find the information you need and streamline the entire quoting process. Say goodbye to lost quotes and wasted time – Request a Quote helps you manage your deals efficiently and close them with confidence.

Organize Your Sales Quote Requests Based on Service, Payment Terms, or Sales Stage

The Request a Quote WordPress plugin incorporates pre-defined payment terms and sales quote stages, offering customization to better align with your business needs.

These predefined values function as convenient filters for sorting and grouping your service requests. They provide a quick and efficient means to identify and prioritize important requests. For example, you can promptly categorize a quote request as Draft, Delivered, On Hold, or Closed, streamlining your workflow and enhancing organizational efficiency.

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Organize quotes, close deals faster with Request A Quote's powerful categorization!

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