Customizable sales quote requests

Request a Quote simplifies the process of customizing your sales request form to align with your specific needs. Effortlessly set up your sales quote request form by selecting the fields and styles that suit your requirements, ensuring a seamless and tailored experience for both you and your customers.

Forget the Hassle, Craft Perfect Quotes: Effortless Sales Forms With Request a Quote

Setting up your own sales quote request form becomes effortless with the versatile Request A Quote WordPress plugin, offering a spectrum of customization options for a tailored user experience.

Key Features:

  1. Field Management: Easily enable or disable specific fields within the sales quote request form based on your unique requirements, ensuring a streamlined and focused data collection process.

  2. Field Requirement Settings: Make fields within the sales quote request form either required or optional, providing flexibility in the information you collect while maintaining the essential data integrity.

  3. Column Size Adjustment: Adjust column sizes for sales quote request form fields, optimizing the layout to suit your design preferences and creating a visually appealing and user-friendly interface.

  4. User Registration and Login Forms: Display or hide registration and login forms for non-logged-in users, tailoring the experience based on user status and ensuring a seamless interaction.

  5. Captcha Options: Choose to show or hide captcha within the form, enhancing security and preventing unwanted submissions for a more reliable and secure user experience.

  6. Selective Captcha Display: Optionally display captcha only to visitors while excluding logged-in users from this requirement, providing a frictionless experience for registered users.

  7. Custom Messages: Define custom "thank you" and error messages to be displayed when sales quote request forms are submitted, ensuring a personalized and informative response for users.

  8. Custom Styling with CSS: Add custom CSS to incorporate your unique styles into the sales quote request form, maintaining brand consistency and ensuring a seamless integration with your website's design.

These features empower you to effortlessly configure and customize your sales quote request form according to your business needs and design preferences, providing a user-friendly and personalized journey for your customers.

Unlock Personalization With Request a Quote!

Customizing your sales request form has never been simpler. Request a Quote empowers you to effortlessly set up your sales quote request form with the fields and style you need.

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