Build Powerful Quote or Information Request Forms

Establish trust with your customers through professionally designed forms. The plugin features a powerful and easy-to-use drag-and-drop form builder, facilitating the collection or search for information seamlessly.

Build Powerful Forms in Minutes, No Coding Required

The seamless integration of the EMD Form Builder with the Request A Quote Pro WordPress plugin empowers you to customize forms effortlessly. Utilize the robust capabilities of the EMD Form Builder to tailor existing forms or create new ones for both information collection (submit) and retrieval (search), ensuring a precise fit for your specific requirements.

Awesome Looking Forms: Capture information effortlessly from customers, employees, or visitors, and enable them to search through your database seamlessly – all in one place.

Drag and Drop Everything: Craft visually stunning layouts by simply dragging and dropping fields. Create multi-column, multi-page forms with ease for a user-friendly experience.

Designed for Complex Business Processes: Facilitate complex, multi-step data entry processes with ease. In case a form is abandoned, no data is lost, allowing users to return and resume from where they left off.

Create Submit or Search Forms: Cover all your needs, whether it's users submitting data or searching through existing information. Additionally, control access by selecting the types of logged-in users who can utilize your forms.

Create Awesome Forms for Any Device: Tailor forms to the majority of your users' devices. Adjust the location or size of field labels and elements with the flexibility of custom form classes.

Design Perfect Submit Buttons: Enhance user experience with beautiful buttons, encouraging interactions. Control submissions by disabling them on demand after a specific number.

Provide Custom Confirmations: Tailor the post-submission experience with custom messages. Choose to hide or leave the form as is, and enable AJAX to avoid reloading the form page after each submission.

The EMD Form Builder offers a powerful and flexible solution for customizing forms to meet your unique needs within the Request A Quote Pro WordPress plugin.

Effortlessly Build & Customize rfq/Rfi Forms

The Request a Quote WordPress plugin provides a robust and user-friendly form builder.

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