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What is a site specific issue?

We have a demo site for every Pro or Enterprise  WordPress plugin on our site. Our plugin demo sites always use the latest version of the software and are our benchmark for plugin related issues.  Any issue related to the look and feel and/or functionality of a plugin that can not be reproduced in the plugin's demo site is a site specific issue.

Site specific issues are not covered by our complimentary (Free) support which comes with your purchase. You can use our complimentary support as long as you have a valid and active license.

There are two categories of site specific issues:

  1. The issues related to third party theme or plugin configuration, WordPress configuration or installation.
  2. The issues related to environment where WordPress resides such as web server, database service, operation system, hosting service configuration.

We offer two types of services to cover site specific issues: priority support and expert service. Priority support is applicable to WordPress related issues. (#1 in our list above). Click here to purchase Priority Support.

Expert service is applicable to the issues not directly related to WordPress. (#2 in our list above). Expert service can be purchased by opening a support ticket and specifically asking for Expert service in your ticket.  Expert service fees are based on the complexity of the issue.

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