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What happens after I purchase expert support service?

After we receive your purchase confirmation, one of our solution specialists is tasked to identify and resolve the issue to your satisfaction. 

All expert support requests are implemented as mini projects. After our solution specialist identified issue(s) and possible solutions, she or he comes up with a list of tasks to be completed for issue resolution and a targeted resolution time frame which is used to calculate the resolution cost. You need to purchase the required support hours to start up the project. Please note that in case you do not prefer to go forward with the project, the initial support hour is not refundable.

Your decision to purchase additional hours means you read, understood the project documentation provided, our support policy and are in agreement with us on possible resolution. If the project implementation exceeds the time frame estimated by our solution specialist, you do not get charged for additional hours.

Your time is valuable to us. Please do not forget to include your site's login information as a private comment in the original ticket. It is always a good idea to make yourself available in case we need additional information or access to your site.

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