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What are the benefits of using WordPress knowledge base for Enterprise?

Today's consumers are bombarded with the abundance of information. This information overload continues to increase customer, employee or partner expectations for quality content at a consistent rate anytime, anywhere.

Organizations, not able to produce, organize and present their content effectively and efficiently, are increasingly facing the harsh reality of not only loosing their brand reputation and equity but also their competitive advantage. If search engines determine that a certain content is "low quality", it gets deindexed harming domain reputation and ranking,

Knowledge Center Enterprise makes it easier to create a centralized repository to improve the quality, delivery and consistent consumption of organizational content. It is designed to help improve the consumer experience and search-ability of your content.

Knowledge Center Enterprise is a powerful, modern, best-in-class knowledge base and management solution. As a WordPress plugin, Knowledge Center Enterprise takes advantage of powerful capabilities of WordPress as a platform and strong ecosystem that comes with it.

Producing content using WordPress is very intuitive, does not require any technical knowledge and well documented. Users can play different content production roles. Depending on a role a user plays, he or she can access, edit, delete or publish content.

Knowledge Center Enterprise adds knowledge manager and agent roles. Agents and managers are responsible for healthy production and consumption of knowledge base content. The capabilities of these roles can be customized to match organizational needs or business model.

In addition, content can be restricted to certain roles or enhanced using file attachments or images or presented in any language. Knowledge Center Enterprise allows users share content in multiple social media networks and rate all content types using many methods.

Knowledge Center Enterprise shines with its integrated powerful knowledge base dashboard. Knowledge base dashboard provides insight on popularity, quality and compatibility of content with certain user segments. Knowledge managers can identify missing or inadequate content types or areas by tracking the user searches and corresponding results over time.

These capabilities deliver increased productivity and lower operation costs. The following is a summary of features of Knowledge Center Enterprise offers and how customers, employees and partners will benefit using it.

FeatureOrganizational BenefitImpact on Customers, Employees and Partners
Predictive answers through OmnisearchMinimize the time to find and access informationUsers will find information faster by entering the search terms related to their need. Omni search will search through knowledge base returning articles, videos, audios, or tweets matching the criteria. This will increase on-demand support opportunities reducing support costs
Centralized repository for knowledgeProvide a consistent presentation of company or institution brandThe logical progression of our content will be easy to follow and understand. Users will be able to drill down and across related content with ease.
Social media and search engine friendly presentationImprove company or institution website’s standing in the global community as well as in search engine rankingsThe content presentation will be optimized to attract more search engine traffic. Users will be able find and access content using search engines. Users will be able to share content with others through integrated social media sharing capability.
Shared assets; images, audio and video files, tweets and moreIncrease quality interactions among members, partners and customersUsers will be able tocollaborate with each other refining or expanding the knowledge base. This will increase self-service rate and expand user community.
Versioning, history and audit trailsProvide traceability from content production to consumptionUsers will be able to track who made the latest change and access to previous revisions of any content.
Device independent content accessAllow access to content on demand using any deviceThe content will be presented in a more user friendly way to mobile and desktop users regardless of the device they use.
Content analyticsAbility to get insight on quality of content, popularity by user segment, identifying missing contentUsing the integrated dashboard, knowledge managers or editors will be able to decide what type content is more popular, frequently searched, needs improvement or missing. The integrated content rating capability will provide insight on how contend is received by different segments of user community.
Better content production workflow and information qualityIncrease customer loyalty and advocacy with consistent, relevant and accurate responseUsers will access to content summary, average read times and popularity statistics before they choose to read the details. This will minimize information overload, confusion and increase better information consumption. Subject area experts or editors will be able to approve the content before it is released for user consumption. This will increase the user trust and speed of user adoption.
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